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Cat Water Fountain – Hydration is Very Important for Your Cat

I was sent a cat water fountain from DogCare at no charge for my honest review.

There are five Farm cats these days; Sherpa, Harry, Puffball, Fang, and Queenie. Not to mention Cappuccino the bunny. It’s a bit of a nutyurt as I like to say on Instagram. I failed to write a post introducing Puffball, Fang, and Queenie – we brought them into the household after I had been feeding them outside for a bit. They were semi-feral but the hubby managed to trap them. We got them to the vet where they were fixed and they have settled into living inside.  If you are friends with me on Facebook you know that Fang is a bit of a challenge but he is slowly learning boundaries.  He does like to chase the bunny and we are working on that. It is … interesting living in a small house with 5 cats and a bunny but they are all much better off than living wildlife outside.



Cat Water Fountain

I have had a water fountain for my cats for more years than I care to count so I obviously think they are a good way to keep my furry family members hydrated. There have been good ones and not so good ones over the years and I have to admit that the one I had prior to the arrival of the one I am showing you today was a not so good one. That’s why I am so happy to share this DogCare cat water fountain with you – I love it and so do the cats!


  • Cats need to drink around 4 ounces of water a day for every 5 lbs of weight
  • The water needs to be clean and running water is very attractive to cats
  • Cats who eat a lot of kibble need to drink more water than cats who eat wet food
  • Clean water should be available 24 hours a day 


What I Love About the DogCare Cat Water Fountain 

Two things jumped out immediately once the fountain was up and running; it’s relatively quiet as fountains go and there is a pretty deep well of water that remains available if the power goes out. And the power goes out somewhat frequently around here. I also don’t like to keep the fountain running if we leave the house for an extended period of time – not that that is happening these days – but if I have a fountain without a well I have to remember to put down a bowl of water for the cats. My last fountain was very noisy and didn’t have a well so you can imagine how thrilled I am now.

The Farm cats like to use it and well, that is the most important factor with any fountain. When it was first set up Fang and Queenie were the most interested – they are still on the kittenish side so this made sense. Harry, Sherpa and Puffball use it as they need it. The bunny has his own water bowls so he does not use the fountain although the cats do steal his water. I do not think that is fair but there is not much I can do about it.

This fountain is very easy to replenish and it has this spiffy guide to let you know when more water needs to be added. This is a fantastic feature that makes keeping sufficient water in the fountain easy. Others I have worked with made knowing how much water was inside a bit of a guessing game and adding water a real trial. For the DogCare cat water fountain, you just pour it into the basin and watch the guide to let you know when to stop. Super simple!


Happy Cats Means a Happy Human

If the Farm cats are happy I am happy. Knowing they have easy access to clean, running water makes all of us happy. The fountain is easy to clean – which is an important part of cat fountain ownership and maintenance – and the filters are easy to change. (The cat water fountain comes with a replacement set of filters.) The quiet, gentle burbling of this unit reminds of camping by a creek. It’s a very pleasant sound and not as noisy as others I’ve used. This would also work for a small dog. The company is DogCare after all.

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