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How Do Water Dispensers For Cats Work?

Cats are naturally drawn to running water since they see it as fresher than water in a bowl. Cat fountains are a fun way to entertain your cat, but make sure you choose the right one. Decorative fountains are not meant for pets. They can be unsafe and lead to your cat getting hurt.



For the most part, cats have a love/hate relationship with water. And unhappily, that can extend to their drinking habits. Most of our four-legged family members do not get enough liquids in their daily lives. Leading to health problems, including urinary obstructions, a severe feline emergency.


Fountains YES or NO?


As water fountains have gotten more popular in these years, they provide not only cats with advantages, but also its owners- provided that they cope with the negative aspects. As pet owners look for the best option, they ultimately beed to make the choice that’s best for his/her fur friend.


Some annoyances are:


  • Cost: They tend to cost more than a normak water bowl. In addition you need to purchase the filter.

  • Noise: Not all fountains are smooth and noiseless.

  • Cleaning: Even though fountains are easy to pop in the dishwasher. The pump need to be washed ONLY by hand since hair can clog in it.


Bonuses of having a fountain:


  • Reservoir: they hold more water than the average water bowl.

  • Adjust speed : Some have the option to adjust the water speed in case it is too noisy.

  • Instante fresh, filtered, tastier water at the touch of a button.

  • Leads cats to drink more water eithout realising it.



How they work


Almost all cat water fountains contain a submersible aquarium pump, and as the name suggests , for the pump to operate it must be submerged in water. Millions of aquariums, man-made ponds and streams also use submersible pumps, though generally pond and waterfall pumps are much larger than cat fountain pumps.


A motorised pump circulates water through a filter (or a series of filters), pushing The water up into the fountain stream. The water movement keeps it aerated, clean and cool-appealing to your cat senses in the best ways.


In general, you have three choices when it comes to cat water fountains:


BPA-free plastic: The most commonly available type and relatively resistant to breakage.


Ceramic: Ceramic’s a little on the fragile side, so not the best option in rambunctious households. 


Stainless steel: Steel’s the sturdiest of the three options. 


Our cat care ultraclean pet water fountain is not only BOA-free plastic, but also can be used for up to 90 days. Having a simple assembly and being ultra quiet and low consumption.



Where to place it correctly 


Cats are very observant and may feel uneasy if they have their backs towards a large space, so placing it in a corner is not the best option, since they like to know what is going on around them. Even if you do not own other pets, your cats nature is to be aware in case of attacks.

The best place is over something, maybe a shelf, where they have a wide visual field.


Seeing both sides. Even though your cat is drawn to running water, some studies suggest that domesticated cats don’t show a preference for fountain water over bowl water. Before purchasing a water fountain for your cat, remember that when the “new” wears off, it may just be a fancy water bowl for your cat.


Once you have placed the fountain in the right place, you may notice your cat is drawn to the fountain rather than pouring the water stream of your tap. Because running water is interesting to cats! The sound of it May drive your car to drink more often, improving their overall health.


Train your cat to use the fountain


Patience and more patterns. Your cat may be confused or uncertain by this new gadget. This is why its Old water bowl needs to stay for a couple of more days. Before starting it on, leave it for your card to sniff first, afterwards add water (still not turning it on), again let it sniff.

When you believe your cat is used to seeing it, in your home turn it on. They may be afraid at first but give them time. Do not force it, allow your cat to approach on their own.


Supervision is key! Do not leave your car unattended the first couple of days when the fountain is turned on. You may observe some overwhelming signs by your cat, beat by the noise or other reasons. Some of the thing those can be:


  • Laying their ears back

  • Hunching their back

  • Meowing loudly

  • Acting defensively


If you see a lot of the signs of your can’t around the fountain, turn it off and put it away. Try again at a different time.


Dogcare’s main duty is to build a harmonius relationship between people and pets, and we are commited to caring for the interests of the latter, giving them more love and care.Cats are drawn naturally to running water, since they said fresher than water in bowls. Choosing the right one will provide safeness and health in the present and the future. As you look over the cat water fountain options, think through both sides of the coin. Ultimately, you’ll make the choice that’s best for you and your cat!


For more information check our CatCare Ultra Clean Fountains clicking on the link:

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