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DogCare Advance Dog Training Kit TC01- The Best Dog Training Collar

DogCare Advance Dog Training Kit TC01- The Best Dog Training Collar


Worked exactly as described!

Loving the way our #Sugardog is adapting to her @dogcare_global training collar. We haven't even needed the shock⚡ feature. The beep and vibrate modes were sufficient to correct in the first few days of working with her. There seems to be a smart dog buried somewhere in that big dumb puppy head of hers!

Kerry Roberts

Can’t go wrong with this!

Having 2 crazy hyper dobermans we had to turn to a shock collar for discipline. Our dog walks completely changed and even going out to the park with other dogs. I’m not saying my dogs are completely different, well behaved, dogs but it does help make disciplining them easier.

Rogelio Garcia

Great purchase.

I absolutely love this collar, both male dogs understand what all the warning signs are.
Great purchase


Great product!

Works great for these two! Easy to switch between receivers. The design/controls make use of the device(s) an ease. Mitigates accidental shock, beeps, or vibrations by having the lock capability on the side. Great product. Now let’s just see how long it last!