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  • Dog excitement around humans. - DogCare Online Store
    sales02 dogcareglobal

    Dog excitement around humans.

    As a newborn dog trainer I got to learn new skills and tear down ideas I had in my mind on how to encounter any dog. As we live in a country where people are over-loving and affectionate to one...

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  • Are Water Fountains Good For Cats? - DogCare Online Store
    Edward Jones

    Are Water Fountains Good For Cats?

    The pantherlike ancestors of the cat family first appeared in Southeast Asia. However, the development of true domestications was previously thought to have occurred in Egypt around 3600 years ago. This translates as felines being introduced as dessert animals. Putting...

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  • How to Choose Pet Clippers? - DogCare Online Store
    jason xue

    How to Choose Pet Clippers?

    When choosing a pet clipper, it is important to consider the type of coat your dog has. Dogs with short coats need different clippers than those with thicker coats. You will also want to consider the clipper's attachments. This will...

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