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See What People Are Saying About DOGCARE

I was very impressed with how quiet this was and it was powerful so it didn’t take long to do the job. You just charge it up and click it on-easy as pie. The light was very useful too. I would definitely buy this again.

- Katie Rogers

I have tried other products and let me tell you this is the best thing that I have tried thank you for all the people who do write a review because of you I purchase this product easy to use my dog was great 👍🏼👍🏼

- Vincenzo Stehr

I have had 5 cat fountain of different brands. This one is the best one. I like water filtration system and that I can track when the last time I changed it. Also, it is not noisy as much as others.

- Germaine Jaskolski

Ideas, Advice & Inspiration

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    Dog excitement around humans.

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    Are Water Fountains Good For Cats?

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    How to Choose Pet Clippers?

    When choosing a pet clipper, it is important to consider the type of coat your dog has. Dogs with short coats need different clippers than those with thicker coats. You will also want to consider the clipper's attachments. This will...

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