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NEW YEAR TREAT!Buy 1 Year Pack of Water Fountain, Get a Cat Bed for Free.
NEW YEAR TREAT!Buy 1 Year Pack of Water Fountain, Get a Cat Bed for Free.

Business Cooperation 

U.S Company: DogCare Inc
Address: 7361 Calhoun PI Suite 140, Rockville, MD 20855
Phone: (301) 296-2048
Customer Service:  (+1) 833-220-1900

Chinese Company: Shenzhen DogCare Innovation and Technology Co., Ltd(Registration Code: 440301112332091)
Address: 2708, Building 4, Phase II, Tian’an Yungu Industrial Park, Gangtou Community, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen
Phone: +86-18681448862



Story about

What is Love? A question we wonder about every day.

Pets give us unconditional Love. Make life full of joy and trust. Turn us into better lovers.
We try so hard to find the meaning behind their every woof, and every purrs, every blubs, every neigh...We are eager to read their mind, to understand what they need because we want to give them the Love they deserve. Love them back the way they want. To make them happy.

We get it.

There can be moments when we are so anxious, exhausted, feel like we aren't good enough for our buddies, having regrets about putting our preferences ahead of theirs. Some say Love is patience, Love is kind, and Love is sacrifice. But for us, Love is an ability. The way to show your Love can continuously improve it.

That's where technology comes into play. We create innovative pet accessories with the latest technology to maximize your ability to love. We're never tired of studying, designing, building, and testing because we know what we do makes the relationship with our loved ones evolving.
Help them eat, drink, play, and even sleep better.

Bring out the beauty they are born with. Deliver freedom with off-leash guidance.


To be the world's number one pet supply company, creating pet ownership happiness for the blue planet.
We emphasize the relationship between people and pets and believe in the power of technology to enhance the happiness of pet owners and pets.
We have our own professional R & D team, design team, focus on the most professional attitude to solve the needs of pet lovers, committed to pet psychology research and pet supplies development, the use of professional pet knowledge through high-quality products to improve the comfort of pet life, so that people fully enjoy the joy of pet ownership.


We use technology to better promote a harmonious relationship between people and pets, so that pet owners can reduce the burden of pet ownership, build a good and warm pet atmosphere, so that more people understand: the role of pets can be not only "pets", but also "friends ", "colleague", "partner", "family".Maybe your pet is barking at rest time or inconvenient time, which may disturb your neighbors and friends; maybe your pet is not trained enough or difficult to train at the moment, making you confused. The emergence of dogcare can solve these problems in a good way. We give society a harmonious environment for pet ownership, so that pet ownership will no longer be a worry for us, love it and be responsible for it.


We believe that 'Human ∞ Animal Bond' is our core value, we believe that 'technology' can make the relationship between pets and people more harmonious, and 'love' can make pets feel the love of their owners. We also believe in "love" to make pets feel loved by their owners, and we believe in "caring" for the interests of minorities and the rights of animals, and encouraging diverse values. We are committed to caring for the interests of pets and giving them more love and care.

Social Responsibility

We strongly promote love and care for animals, and in building the relationship between people and pets, we also actively guide people to use technology to train pets on the basis of ensuring their health and not harming them, and we also call on people in society to focus on the rights of animals and build a healthier relationship between people and pets and a pet-keeping atmosphere is also our goal. We respect the relationship between people and animals, respect the needs and interests of animals, and promote the equality of people and pets is our pursuit.