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How to Say ‘I Love You’ to Your Dog?

Pup parents know that our dogs love us deeply, even if they do not express it in the same manner that humans do. Recently, behavioral research saddened dog lovers when it showed that most dogs don’t like to be hugged. But, that is not to say our pups don’t enjoy receiving affection – they actually live for our love and approval!

According to a canine cognition specialist, our dogs do know we love them. Dogs and humans have the ability to form a special neural connection. This connection is the same human oxytocin bonding pathway used by parents and babies. When you stare at your dog, the oxytocin levels in both your brain and your dog’s brain go up, the same as when you pet and play with them.
If you want to express your love and appreciation for all the joy your dog brings into your life, try telling them in a language that they can understand!  Here's how:

Talk With Them
Talking with your dog is a good way to show that you regard them. Studies using MRI technology have shown that dogs do possess a cursory understanding of human language. In this case, they mostly respond to words like treat, stay, walk, or good. Even if they cannot fully understand you, they know you’re talking to them, and they will appreciate the attention from their favorite human. 
Talking while doing activities will certainly improve their trust on you. For instance, while introducing them to grooming or nail clipping your tone of voice should be in a playful way, making them curious on what this gadget is all about. Since they are confident on your way of handling with them, this process should become much more easier. Extra tip, check our nail grinder for an even better experience.
Gaze Deeply Into Their Eyes

In 2015, a team of Japanese researchers identified a phenomenon they dubbed the “oxytocin-gaze positive loop” between bonded humans and dogs. Much like a mother gazing into the eyes of her new baby, extended eye contact with our dogs can cause the feel-good hormone, oxytocin to flood both brains.
Oxytocin is associated with nurturing and attachment, meaning a soft, gentle stare can wordlessly communicate your feelings of love for your pooch in a language dogs have come to understand over thousands of years alongside humans.
This doesn’t mean you should stare deeply into the eyes of the dog that guards your local junkyard! Direct eye contact is still considered a challenge or threat in many situations. However, with your own, trusted pet, gazing into his eyes when the two of you are calmly relaxing can certainly strengthen your bond.
Speak softly, stroke him gently and maintain eye contact as long as your dog is comfortable with it.
Cuddles And Naps

Part of your dog’s aforementioned residual pack behavior is playing hard and then resting together. Even if you don’t care to let your dog in bed with you, an afternoon nap together on the couch or in the grass will deepen your dog’s feeling of a pack connection.
And like humans, dogs thrive on physical contact. So while your dog may not enjoy a hug, a nice cuddle session offers the connection they crave.
As well as your dog´´ residual pack behavior is playing hard and then resting together. Even if you don’t care to let your dog in bed with you, an afternoon nap together on the couch or in the grass will deepen your dog’s feeling of a pack connection.

Dogs thrive on routine and schedule, so a daily walk with training mixed in will help your dog understand how much you love and care for them. Walks and adventures give plenty of opportunities to work on skills like loose leash walking and recall. These shared experiences and training sessions build trust, communication, and that pack connection.
Play Is Magic

One of the least used and most efficient ways to bond and express your love for your dog is playing with them. This does not mean throwing a ball, this means play, really play. Running around, making jokes on how clumsy they run, tickle them, and let them tickle you in their style. Play hide and seek and at the end just lay on the floor relaxing after a good play session. Being goofy with your dog is (in my opinion) the beast way to communicate your love and affection to them.
Make This Thanksgiving A Special One

Thanksgiving is a holiday focused on gathering together with family, enjoying delectable food, and reflecting on all we are thankful for. So it’s only natural to want one of your favorite family members to be able to join in on the fun with your dog!
One of the healthiest ways to spend your Thanksgiving holiday is by enjoying some outdoor exercise! Taking your dog for a long walk, run, or hike before the big meal can help burn off some energy that may otherwise come out later in the day. You may also opt for a post-meal walk, which can help both you and your pet digest a heavy meal, and offer relaxation after a busy holiday.
Make time to connect with both family and friends on Thanksgiving. And let your dog join in on the memories! Curling up on the couch to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade or a football game is a great way to bond with family — including your beloved canine.
If your loved ones are far away, set aside a time to connect on a video chat — and have your pets participate. After all, dogs are social animals and want to be a part of the festivities just like their human companions. Make your dog’s Thanksgiving one to remember this year — and you will too!

Appreciate And Be Grateful To Your Dog

If your love for your pups is true, they already know it just by looking at your facial expressions, reading your voice, studying your body language and interpreting your actions. So just keep doing what you’re doing and your dogs will reward you by returning your affections in their own special ways!
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