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What Are the Differences Between Various Bark Collars?

Dog barking sometimes makes people feel irritable. In cities, neighbors who live from house to house on the same floor in high buildings and large mansions certainly cannot tolerate the sound of dogs barking every day. That is the reason why many people are now choosing bark collars.


The effect of bark collars is mainly to emit static pulse electricity by monitoring the dog's barking sound. When dogs' barking is detected, static electricity is automatically cast to prompt the dog to stop or correct the dog's barking behavior. What kinds of bark collars are there? Let's find out together!
There are four types of bark stoppers: static bark collar, hand-held ultrasonic anti-barking devices, automatic ultrasonic bark stopper, and electric solid shock bark stopper for professional dog training. To better use a bark device, first, we need to understand how it works.


dog collar

The first type: Static Bark Collar

How does it work? The bark detection system detects the barking of dogs in the host of the bark collar. When the sound reaches a certain decibel, pulse-like static electricity is emitted to stop the dog from barking. The feeling of a dog being electrified is like the feeling that we are electrified by static electricity. There will be instant discomfort. Therefore, it is not only practical but also does not affect the dog's health. Thus, this device is also suitable for home use.


Dog care can provide you a rechargeable Static bark collar. Our collar has five adjustable sensitivity levels and two efficient training modes, clearly visible indicators and safe conductive silicone.

The second type: Hand-held ultrasonic Bark Stopper (for outdoor use)

How does it work? A hand-held ultrasonic bark stopper is suitable for outdoor dog walking. The reachable range of ultrasonic is about 5 meters, and it can transmit 2-5 dogs at the same time. It is mainly used through ultrasonic buttons. When the dog barks unfriendly because it sees strangers or other dogs during walking, press the button to send an ultrasound to stop the dog from barking. It's all overridden by the owners themselves. In addition, the sound wave frequency range heard by normal adults is 20HZ-20KHZ, and the sound wave frequency range of dogs is 15HZ-120KHZ. The proper wave frequency of the bark device in the picture is 25khz, which will undoubtedly cause no hearing damage to dogs while effectively stopping dogs from barking. It's not an exaggeration to treat it as an outdoor bark control artifact. Still, a dog with a more explosive personality is not suitable for use either.


Various Bark Collar

The third type: Automatic Ultrasonic Bark Stopper

The working principle of this automatic ultrasonic bark stopper is similar to that of a hand-held ultrasonic bark stopper. The only difference is that the hand-held is suitable for outdoor use, and the automatic one is suitable for indoor use, in other words, at home. The principle is simply that when a barking sound made by the dog is detected, it emits an ultrasonic wave to prompt the dog to stop barking. If the dog doesn't bark, he won't talk an ultrasound. Suitable for indoor use, for example: at night or during the day to prevent noisy neighbors.

The last type: electric shock stopper

What needs to be clarified here: electric shock bark stopper is only suitable for professional dog trainers. Improper use at home can cause irreparable damage to the. The operation is complicated because of the large amount of current and the many current gears. Not one by one detailed here, but it has an absolute effect on stopping barking, but the risk is exceptionally high.

The above four types of bark stoppers can achieve the purpose of training dogs to bark in a civilized manner and with dog owners' guidance.

Above is the answer provided by Dog care about the differences between various bark collars. I hope this article will give you a clearer understanding of bark collars!

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