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Correct Education Dog

What can dogs do, and what can't dogs do? If there is no clear consensus on this point, it is likely to be misunderstood, and your relationship with your dog will be damaged. Education provides a framework for a dog and gives him a direction, giving him safety and freedom. The education mentioned here has nothing to do with training and animal training but a partnership and respect, which will bring fun to both sides. Those who work with a dog can develop their team ability and sense of trust, and then he will get a good partner who trusts him and can accompany him all his life.

The relationship between dogs and humans

Dogs are man's best friends. Friendship is based on trust, and trust is something that both sides need to work hard to get. If you can give it a right choice, it will like to follow you very much.

People who can understand each other don't need too much language. One look, one wink, all in silence. If you can get the dog's trust, the dog's education will be very easy.

This relationship takes time for both sides to develop. Experience some things together, work in a team and share successful experiences, all of which will help the development of the relationship between the owner and the dog and make the relationship between them more stable. If you have chosen a dog and get along well from the beginning, he will soon become your partner. Everything you do is worth growing up with it.

 The relationship between dogs and humans

New family members

After you take the dog home, there will be a new family member in your family. The same is true from the dog's point of view. Because from this moment on, you have assumed the role of a leader, and you have become a parent. This is a very important task. Some people need to learn to shoulder this task, while others are more talented. So, what exactly is this work like?

Invisible bond

To be the head of a family, we must first establish a close relationship that can not be easily replaced. Please imagine the following situation: the dog's mistress spent an afternoon with her dog at her friend's place. The dog happily played with the children. Although the owner said not to give him snacks, his friends secretly gave him some delicious food. He lay on the sofa next to his friends, caressed and snuggled with them. I enjoyed it very much. Isn't this moment a paradise for it that doesn't exchange anything? But just then, its hostess picked up her clothes from the coat rack, which meant that she was leaving her friend's house. Without saying a word, the dog stood up and shook his tail to his hostess, trying to get the owner to tie him with a dog walking rope. It wants to go with its owner because it knows it belongs to her. The relationship with the hostess is more important than all the tempting food, the caress, and the play of friends. The hostess is irreplaceable. It is this that makes the relationship between them irreplaceable.

But this connection alone does not make a person the head of a good family or a dog a controllable family member. But it is a prerequisite for all this. This is how you can connect with your dog.

Providing a close opportunity to snuggle together and say something intimate is essential to building a relationship of mutual trust between people and dogs. When you sit on the sofa reading or watching TV, your dog is beside you or lying on your body, which does not affect your image as the head of the family. It would help if you allowed this to happen. What better way to prove that a dog likes you than to lean close to you, sleep peacefully and stretch his limbs relaxed - he fully believes he is in a safe environment? Provide something. Humans always like to think of dogs as creatures without self. This is not the case. They also care about whether they can live well. Only when it feels that its relationship with you is worth it will it follow you unswervingly. Of course, at the top of the dog's wish list is the satisfaction of basic needs, such as food and safe shelter. The physical and spiritual satisfaction dogs need related to their breed and each individual. To be more attractive to your dog, you need to play with him. Chasing and playing heartily is especially conducive to developing the relationship between man and dog. In the process of playing, the dog can also have an advantage, as long as it abides by the game's rules. What else can hold a team together? Of course, some achievements have been made. Everyone is ecstatic about success: when doing a difficult exercise, for example, when your dog is afraid to jump off a higher step or jump over a ditch immediately, encourage it. Please show it how to do it, show confidence in it, give it the support it needs and let it live with confidence. In this way, you can enhance your self-confidence. Soon, it will firmly believe that it can overcome any difficulties with you. Indicate the road

As the head of a family, you should give your dog directions. At this time, clear command and firmness are as important as patience and empathy: everything should be at the right time and in the right amount.

The most important responsibility of a reliable partner is to protect his family. Dogs are no exception. Although different dogs have different personalities, they will guard their homes. When strangers come, they will notify their owners and scold strangers for invading in case of emergency. But when you encounter difficulties, it should be your task to stand in front and take responsibility. Whether the dog is threatened by the same kind when walking or feels uncomfortable when playing with children, or falls into a situation where it can't find a way out. If you leave these problems to your dog to solve by himself, you will lose your position as the head of the family sooner or later because he will no longer believe in your leadership.

The way of boss

Dogs who know what they can do can move freely in this framework. Delimiting a dog does not mean limiting him but giving him directions. If a dog comes back obediently as soon as its owner calls it back, the owner will not tie it with a walking rope but let it chase and play freely. If a dog can live in peace with his kind, he can play with his kind and make new friends. If a dog can behave properly in a restaurant, he can go to the restaurant with his owner. If your dog doesn't know where the line is, he will inevitably cross the line and show some behaviors you don't like or even cause serious problems.

 The way of boss

Your behavior should be predictable. Predictable behavior is also part of a clear framework. If the dog is allowed to do what he was not allowed to do before and is not allowed to do after three days, it may be the number one killer in your relationship with the dog. Predictable behavior makes you more attractive to your dog. The change will bring continuous pressure on your dog. "Consistency" is a magic spell, a concept about to be used up, but it still has its practical significance in the relationship between man and dog. Dogs are more likely to follow a clear and definite route.

Power to make decisions.

Do you have to dominate to be a good dog owner? Yes. Because this means that your dog acknowledges that you have the right to make decisions. However, it must be in those more important areas to you. For example, you can decide which route to follow when walking, whether you want to play with your dog at this moment, when to groom your dog, or when to end a behavior. You are not always with your dog, nor will you stop what you do because he wants to be close to you. You have devoted a lot of time to it, but it is up to you when to devote it.

Leadership doesn't mean you should always control your dog and comment on every behavior. You don't have to show your privileges all the time. Please give your dog some free space and treat him as a partner, but take the responsibility of leadership when necessary or important to you. Dogs want a master they can follow, a master who can provide them with dependence and restriction. If you can do this, the dog will become your best friend. Mutual understanding

To establish a connection between you and your dog so that you can educate and control it, communication is the premise, and it should be communication that both people and dogs can understand.

 Power to make decisions.

Give signal

You can communicate with your dog in many ways. Most of the time, the conscious communication between sound signals and dogs is through sound signals. Please give your dog a voice signal, such as "sit down," teach him how to do when you say the command, and then he will know what you want him to do when he hears the command.

A visual signal is the same. It's just that these are visible signals, such as raising your index finger to let it sit down.

The sound signal and visual signal principles are very simple, but communication is complex. You send more signals to your dog than you think.

The dog's ability is beyond imagination.

Dogs can feel your feelings and have the ability to distinguish your emotional state, which belongs to their "basic ability." Through facial expressions, gestures, body posture, body tension, and smell, they can evaluate each other's state.

Between the lines, your dog knows you best. When you give it a command, it knows exactly how serious you are:

It can immediately feel whether your voice is very firm or trembling.

It can recognize uncertain body language, even though it doesn't match up with a command that sounds decisive.

It can immediately feel and be amused by its behavior, although you scold it.

And when you are stressed, it can smell it, even if you try to pretend to be calm.

Express your intention clearly.

You want your dog to understand your meaning correctly without misunderstanding, so you should be simple and clear when communicating with him to avoid misunderstanding.

Friendship and understanding, taking your upper body back or turning to one side can create a sense of distance and help ease the atmosphere. Don't look directly into the dog's eyes; you can look into his ears. If you want to caress it, you can touch its chest below without touching its head. Touching its head "friendly" from above will make many dogs feel threatened.

Self-confidence keeping your body straight makes you look very tall and gives people a sense of self-confidence. Drooping shoulders, hunched back, and a lazy body state will convey a sense of indecision and even give it a sense of uneasiness.

Resolute and resolute, your dog doesn't respond to your orders? Please stand up straight and walk towards it with decisive steps, which will leave a deep impression on it and emphasize your courage and determination. A short "ah" or "forget it" can emphasize something you are deeply concerned about.

Threatening to lean too close to the dog, or even bend over it or look directly into its eyes, will make it feel threatened and may even make it feel that you are provoking it.

If you don't want to upset your dog, try to avoid this. For example, when you want to tie the dog walking rope to him, you will bend over him. At this time, he will step back, curl up, and even spit out his tongue repeatedly because he feels uncomfortable. You'd better squat down at this time.

 Express your intention clearly.

If necessary, you can purposefully use some threatening behaviors and tell your dog, "now is not the time to play!" Some dogs can make a deep impression by looking at them severely; Others need to do more.

Note that these may lead to some fierce or even dangerous reactions in some dogs. You can only use them if you can ensure safety.

Please don't pretend anything in front of the dog.

Please don't try to pretend in front of the dog because the smart dog will soon see your trick. And it will make it feel confused and make communication more difficult. If you feel you can't communicate clearly with your dog, you need to consider improving the situation.


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