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Can I use pet clippers to cut my hair?

Well, I have never used pet clippers to cut my hair, but the main reason I recommend against using them is the brand or type of dog or cat clippers you plan on using. For an instrument that sharp, you want to use something you wouldn't mind getting wet — and just about anything can be damaged by water at some point. In any case, if this isn't enough reason for you not to try it, here are a few more:

Dog Clippers Are Expensive


Dog clippers are expensive. If you're using them for their intended purpose, that's fine. But if you're trying to save money by clipping your hair, you should know that dog clippers are designed for dogs and cats with thick fur. They'll work on thinning hair, but they won't be as effective as human clippers designed specifically for this purpose.


Dog clipper blades are different than human clipper blades. Dog blades are meant to cut through thick coats and give a smooth finish when they're done. Human blades have teeth that cut more aggressively and leave jagged edges behind. If you try to use the wrong blade on your head, it will result in an uneven cut with jagged edges that stick out from your scalp.


Dog clipper motors are stronger than human motors. Dog motors run at higher rpm (rotations per minute) than human motors, which means they can cut through thick fur more easily than human-grade machines. If you try using a dog motor on your head with thinning hair, it won't get through all the layers before it burns out. You get frustrated and give up. 


Human Hair is Very Different from Dog Hair


Pet clippers are not suitable for cutting your hair for several reasons. First of all, human hair is much coarser than dog hair. This means that the blades on pet clippers will not be able to cut through it properly, and you will likely end up with a lot of snags in your hair. The blades may also become dull very quickly if you try to use them on yourself, which could cause injury.


Secondly, pet clippers have been designed specifically for animals with thick fur coats. They have built-in mechanisms that prevent them from overheating when used on large animals such as dogs or horses. The blades are also made to withstand heavy use without damaging or breaking apart at the seams. If you try to use these clippers on your head, they will likely burn out after just one use because their motors were never intended for such tasks.


Thirdly, human heads are much smaller than dogs or horses — so small that they require many more cuts per inch than larger animals! Using a dog clipper on your head would cut you twice as many times as if you used the same tool on an animal with a thick coat.

Dog Clippers Have Small Blades


Yes, you can use a dog clipper on your human hair.


The blades of a dog clipper are small and sharp, which is why they don't work well on thick or coarse hair. The blades also aren't as powerful as human clippers, so it takes longer for them to trim a large area of hair.


If you want to use a dog clipper on yourself, buy one with an adjustable blade guard so you can control how close the blades come to your scalp.


It would help if you used clippers designed for people. Dog clippers are not designed for removing large amounts of hair at once, so they aren't appropriate for cutting your hair. The blades may get hot and burn the skin if used incorrectly.


There is a Risk of Skin Infections


Pet clippers are designed for use on animals with thick, coarse fur. Using the same clippers on humans can cause injury and infection. The blades used on dogs and cats are often unsuitable for human use because of their size, shape, and cutting action. They can be too sharp, which makes them prone to cutting skin instead of hair.


The infection risk is another reason you should never use pet clippers on yourself or others. Many people have had infections from using these products. Cross-contamination is inevitable when you use the same blades on different species and then put them back in your kit without cleaning them thoroughly between uses. You could spread bacteria from one animal to another or even to yourself or others in your home.

Getting Your Hair Cut by a Professional Will Be Worth the Cost and Effort


If you're going to get a haircut, you might as well get it done right. A bad cut can leave you feeling self-conscious for weeks; if it's not corrected immediately, it could take even longer to grow out. If you spend the time and money on a professional hair trim, don't skimp on your salon experience by using discount pet clippers at home.


While there are some similarities between pet clippers and human hair clippers, many differences make using them on yourself or others inadvisable. Here are just a few reasons why you should only use human hair trimmers:


Pet Clippers Are Designed for Dogs and Cats


If you've ever used a pair of pet clippers on yourself or someone else's hair, you already know how sharp they are! These tools are designed for cutting fur, not human locks. While they may seem small and harmless enough when used on your furry friend's neckline, they can cause serious damage when used on human skin.


Even if you can handle the pain caused by these sharp blades against your scalp, that doesn't mean everyone else will be able to handle it too. It's best to leave this task up to professionals




Do not use pet clippers to cut your hair! They're made entirely different than human clippers, and the blades are not intended to be used on human hair. Pet or animal clippers are made with animal hair in mind and housed with a level of quality that is nowhere near the standard of human clippers. It's like trying to run two different operating systems on one computer—it could cause more harm than good.

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