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When should my cat’s water fountain filter be replaced?

When it comes to your pet’s water fountain, you want to be sure that they are getting the best possible drinking quality. That is why it is important to check this regularly and change the filter when necessary. It can also be helpful to make a habit of performing other regular maintenance on your pet’s fountain so that you have less work to do in the long run.


What is a water fountain filter?

A cat’s water fountain filter is a device that removes impurities from the water and helps keep your cat hydrated. Cats can be picky about their water, and they often prefer running water to standing water.

The best cat water fountain filters contain multiple layers of filtration that remove bacteria, dirt and other impurities from the water. The filters also ensure that only clean, fresh drinking water comes out of the spout.

Here are some reasons why you should consider using a cat fountain filter with your feline friend:

1. Fresh Water

Cats like fresh, clean water, especially when they have access to it 24/7. So if you want your pet to stay hydrated, then provide it with fresh flowing water in a cat fountain filter. Your pet will always have access to clean drinking water since there is no need to refill the bowl or replace the cartridge every few days.

2. Bacteria and Germs

You should be aware that bacteria and germs can grow in stagnant water, especially if it is not kept cold or refrigerated. This means that your cat may end up drinking contaminated water, which could lead to health problems such as diarrhoea, vomiting and even death. By using a cat fountain filter, you can ensure that your pet only gets fresh flowing water from the spout.

 What is a water fountain filter?


Types of water fountain filters

Water fountains are a great way to add beauty and tranquillity to your home or office. They also provide an excellent source of fresh, clean water for pets and people.

There are many types of water fountain filters available today. The most common types include:

Carbon Block Filter: Carbon block filters are made from activated carbon, which has been treated to make it porous. Water passes through the carbon block filter and removes chlorine, odours and other impurities from the water.

Reverse Osmosis Filter: Reverse osmosis filters use pressure to force water through a semi-permeable membrane that blocks most impurities while allowing all dissolved minerals to pass through. The resulting product is very pure but contains no minerals at all, so it must be mixed with tap water before being used in an indoor water fountain or pond.

UV & Ozonator Filters: UV (ultraviolet) light and ozone generators can be used to purify both tap water and well water before using them in indoor fountains or ponds. These methods are considered more effective than standard carbon block filters because they kill bacteria rather than just remove them from the water supply. Although UV filters are more expensive and require more maintenance than other types of water filtration systems, they are the most effective method of removing bacteria from water. Ozonators can also be used to kill bacteria in addition to filtering it through carbon filters.

Types of water fountain filters

How to change a water fountain filter?

The easiest way to change the filter is to take it out of the water fountain and replace it with a new one. However, if you don't want to take out the fountain and disassemble it, you can also just rinse off the existing filter in running water.

If you want to keep your water fountain clean and safe for your pets, it's important that you change the filter regularly. Here's how to change a water fountain filter:

Step 1 - Remove the Water Fountain Filter Bowl

Remove the bowl from the top of your pet's drinking fountain so that you can access its base. If you're unable to remove it by hand, use a screwdriver or pair of pliers to twist it off. Unscrewing it counterclockwise usually works best.

Step 2 - Disassemble Your Pet's Fountain

Once you've removed the bowl from your pet's water fountain, disassemble its parts so that you can replace its filter cartridge more easily. Use a wrench or pair of pliers to unscrew any bolts holding together parts of your pet's drinking fountain like its motor or pump. Remove all parts until only the motor remains attached to the bottom of your pet's bowl.

Step 3 - Replace Your Pet's Water Filter Cartridge Once you've removed your pet's water filter cartridge, simply place it in a plastic bag and seal it tightly to prevent any debris from falling into the new one. Take your new filter cartridge and submerge it in warm water for about 15 minutes so that its pores open up. Once it has soaked, gently remove the cartridge from the warm water and place it in your pet's bowl. Screw all parts back together and turn on your pet's drinking fountain to check if everything is working properly.

Step 4 - Wash Your Pet's Fountain Clean Once you've replaced your filter cartridge, it's time to wash your pet's fountain clean. Use a soft sponge and warm water to remove any debris that may have been collected in the bowl or around the motor and pump assembly. Afterwards, wipe down all surfaces with a damp cloth and let them dry for about 15 minutes before plugging them in again.

How to change a water fountain filter?


When should a water fountain filter be replaced?

A water fountain filter should be replaced when it no longer effectively filters the water. Some filters are designed to last for one year or more, but these types of filters typically produce a lot of waste and may not provide the best filtering results.

Most filters need to be changed every two to three months. This is dependent on how much use your fountain gets, as well as what type of water you have in your area. If you live in an area with hard water, you may need to change the filter more often than someone who lives in a soft water region.

If your fountain is making gurgling noises or if there are bubbles coming out of the spout, then it's time to replace your filter. When this happens, it usually means that the filter has been clogged up by dirt and debris that got into the system over time.


When should your cat’s water fountain filter be replaced? This is a question that many cat owners are asked, and it can be difficult to decide when the time is right. In general, you should replace your water fountain filter every six months or so, depending on how often the filter is used. However, some factors influencing when a filter should be replaced include the age of the fountain and the type of filter being used. If you have any questions about when your cat’s water fountain filter needs to be replaced, feel free to contact us at our toll-free number or chat with one of our experts online.

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