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Tips for raising pets | Use of Pet Water Fountain

Pet cats rely on cat food as their staple food. If they do not consume enough water in hot weather, they can easily cause urinary diseases. So we choose to use Pet Water Fountain, hoping cats drink more water, then the question is: Does using a waterer make cats like drinking water?

How much water does a cat drink in a day?

At present, most cat foods provide less than 10% water content, and some are even less. After feeding this kind of dry food, there is a chance that cats will vomit food, and they need to drink more water after vomiting.

Cats need to drink 44~66ml per kilogram of water every day, which means that a 5kg adult cat needs to drink about 250ml a day. According to experimental observations, there are three feeding bowls in the house. Cats remember to drink a sip every day. The maximum amount of water they can lick daily is only 20~30ml so that they won't consume more water!

Will Pet Water Fountain drink more than the water bowl?

Many pet owners who use the traditional water bowl will think it drinks more water than the Water Fountain because they have to add water every day. But in fact, the drinking water consumption here includes the evaporation of water from the water bowl and the amount of water poured by the cat when it touches the bowl.

In 2010, David Grant specifically studied whether automatic drinking fountains will increase the amount of water. In the study, Grant selected 12 healthy cats for testing. It was found that compared with ordinary water bowls, the reduction in the amount of water in the automatic water dispenser would be more with the same amount of water and the same evaporation area.

Grant, D. C. (2010). Effect of water source on intake and urine concentration in healthy cats.

In addition, if the owner is out for a long time and the cat accidentally knocks over the water bowl, the water will be cut off for a whole day, and the drinking machine can avoid this situation. In practical applications, it can indeed be more effective than the water bowl. Stable water supply.

Do cats like to drink running water?
There is no academic paper that can give this conclusion.
Our idea comes more from the association: seeing wild cats drinking water in the pool and domestic cats drinking water at the faucet, it is natural to associate that cats prefer to drink flowing water.
Rachel and Neilson selected nine healthy cats as experimental subjects in 2010. They provided cats with two types of water: flowing water and stagnant water, and observed and collected drinking water data for four days. It was observed that there was no significant difference in the total amount of water the cat drank under the two conditions.

But this experiment also clearly stated that the cat needs to be provided with clean water; that is to say, only when the water is kept clean will the effect of the water bowl and the Pet Water Fountain be very different.

In other words, cats actually like to drink clean water. What attracts them is the quality of the water, and flowing water tends to keep the water clean. The flowing water waves can wash away the accumulated dust, food residues, and floating hair on the surface, allowing the cat to lick the clean water.

How to make cats like drinking water?

Effective Smart Pet Water Fountain and Ineffective Smart Water Fountain
Effective bright Pet Water Fountain:
Since cats like to wash their feet, play with water, spit out hair, and spit out residues in a water bowl, a practical smart water dispenser should be able to push away the floating hair and impurities in the water tray by creating a spring effect. To imitate the spring effect.

At the same time, the filter element can filter out the impurities in the water in time, absorb the peculiar smell of the water body, and soften the water quality. Compared with the water bowl that needs to be cleaned frequently to maintain hygiene and water quality, which cannot be taken care of all the time, Pet Water Fountain can keep cats drinking clean water when they are tired or busy. This is the most critical value. Cats will drink more only if they drink clean and fresh water all the time.

Invalid water dispenser:
The water tray is easy to accumulate floating hair residue and cannot be self-cleaned;
It just imitates the flow of water, but it cannot clean the water source;
The structure is complicated, and there are many dead corners, and the cleaning work is troublesome and unsanitary;
The design of the filter element position is flawed and has no effect;
The sound of the spring is so noisy that the cat is bored and even wants to hit it.

More tips to make drinking water fun
Most of the time, cats only remember that they want to drink water when they see water. Therefore, the bright Pet Water Fountain increases the dynamic effect of the spring and increases the location of the water, which can indeed make the cat drink more water.

In addition, many cats like milk or catnip, try to use a yogurt guide (sugar-free plain yogurt) or rub the smell of catnip near the drinking tray;
Learn to prepare wet food and gradually increase the amount of water when feeding moist food.
Some pet owners also say that my cat likes to drink water from my cup, so I give it to him.

Wrong, the cat drinks the water in your cup just because you are drinking it. If you don't drink it, it won't look at it. If you change to a new mug, it will only want to drink the water in your fresh cup.

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