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Free Shipping On Orders $50+

Ultrafiltration Filter (Compatible with Water Fountain DF02)

Original price $25.00 - Original price $40.00
Original price $25.00
$19.00 - $34.00
Current price $19.00
The replacement ultrafiltration filter works exclusively with our CatCare Ultra Clean Pet Water Fountain (DF02). Hydrate your fur babies with clean, fresh, bacteria-free and good-tasting water.
  • Ultrafiltration Technology. CatCare filter can effectively remove germs larger than 10 nanometers, especially Escherichia coli.  With a supply of human-grade purified water, your pet can stay safe from intestinal diseases.
  • Long-Lasting Filter. The ultrafiltration filter lasts up to 90 days, while traditional nonwoven filters are only good for 14-28 days.
  • Cost-Effective. Spend as little as 13 cents daily and your pets can enjoy the ultra-clean water. The two filters pack costs only $0.13 per day and the single filter $0.17 per day.
  • Dismantled & Assembled Easily. Thanks to the intuitive design, the installation of the filter is within a simple twist and click.
Pack: Ultrafiltration Filter