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The Applications of Safe Static Technology in Dog Control Devices

What Are Dog Training Devices?
What Kinds of Dog Training Devices Are There?
What is the Science Behind a Dog Trainer?
What is the Application of the Mechanism of Safe Electrostatic Technology in the Dog Trainer?
How to Choose a Dog Training Device Correctly?

Are you having a tough time training your dog? There are many reasons why dog owners start to use a dog training device as part of the training process. If your dog is always barking, chewing on your sofa, running away and just overall putting you on edge, an effective dog training device will help you train your pup to behave. Make training an old, or new, dog how to behave with a little help from a dog training device. If you've been considering getting a dog training device for your dog, the following content will provide you with more insights if you should use a dog training device.

Before dog training devices came into the picture, it may take years or even months before your canine would stay within their boundaries. Today, people's thinking has improved, and dog training methods are also changing to intelligence training, which is more scientific. Within a few short weeks of training, you can give your canine the joy of freedom off-leash and feel confident of them not wandering off. Over time, with the advancement of science and technology, various dog training devices have appeared, which can help dog owners to train their dogs better. The following mainly talks about the related content of dog training devices.

What Are Dog Training Devices?

It is an electronic collar that helps pet owners correct dog behavior through training.It is a product developed based on the principle of wireless remote control. Electric training collars employ a radio signal to deliver a mild stimulus sent via remote control (transmitter) to a receiver collar worn on the dog's neck, either to discourage negative behavior or to encourage compliance with commands. It consists of two parts: the remote control and the receiver,the pet owner sends a signal through the remote control, and the receiver receives the signal and makes corresponding mechanical activities, so as to achieve the purpose of training the pet dog. The stimulus is designed to get the dog's attention to help the dog refocus.

What Kinds of Dog Training Devices Are There?

There are, in general, five types of dog training devices commonly used in the market: dog control masks, electric shock bark stopper, electrostatic bark collars, outdoor dog-walking ultrasonic bark stoppers, and indoor automatic ultrasonic bark stoppers. Among them, the types of masks and electric shocks are the most traditional methods of barking control.
With the advancement of society and the development of science and technology, electrostatic anti-bark collars, outdoor ultrasonic wave anti-bark devices, and indoor ultrasonic wave anti-bark devices are slowly emerging on the market these days.

What is the Science Behind a Dog Trainer?

Electric training collars employ a radio signal to deliver a mild stimulus sent via remote control (transmitter) to a receiver collar worn on the dog’s neck, either to discourage negative behavior or to encourage compliance with commands.

The stimulus distracts the dog with an unpleasant sensation, similar to the static shock you feel when you make contact with a carpet and touch a metal surface. The sensation startles and is briefly unpleasant, but it does not harm you. Nor does the sensation from the remote training collar harm the dog. The stimulus is designed to get the dog’s attention to help the dog refocus.

The stimulation is administered to reinforce commands the dog already knows, such as Sit, Stay, Heel or Come. The dog learns to stop the unpleasant sensation by responding correctly to a command. The stimulus is also applied to correct behavioral issues such as nuisance barking, digging, jumping up, chasing and destructive chewing. The canine learns to associate the unpleasant stimulus with its own negative behavior.

The administration of an unpleasant sensation can be said to be a “negative” stimulus, so some trainers and dog owners may be opposed to it. The trainer’s goal should be to achieve results with the lowest level of stimulation that the dog responds to, one that may be hardly perceptible to humans. Generally, the remote control of the dog trainer has three modes, which are warning, vibration, and static pulse. The dog training collars come with 1-99levels of static stimulation that allows fine-tuning to the dog’s specific temperament. Always start at the lowest level and work your way up.

What is the Application of the Mechanism of Safe Electrostatic Technology in the Dog Trainer?

Static electricity is a kind of electrical energy, which remains on the surface of an object. It is the result of the loss of balance between positive and negative charges in a local range. It is formed by the conversion of electrons or ions. Electrostatic phenomenon is a general term for electrical phenomena generated during the generation and disappearance of electric charges, such as frictional electrification and human body electrification.

It is usually battery operated and remote controlled attached to the neck of the dog pet for training purposes. This is also called a Zap collar as it transmits small electric waves or shock to the neck. The electric shock produced is very brief that only aims to stimulate the dog once it made contact to the skin. The electric shock does not hurt or harm the dog. It is merely a stimulant, or to bring a jolt or short vibration to the dog. Experts say that the feeling is similar to having insects crawling on your skin. It is usually used by dog trainers and owners who want to tame their dogs.

As it was mentioned earlier, the purpose of using a shock collar for dogs is to train them, tame them, and make them recognize your authority. The training collars have fast results. You can immediately observe the change on behaviors after couple of times of using. This is because dogs are creatures of habit. They remember things. Once they recollect that the device will make electric shock whenever they did something unruly, they would recognize it and will not do it again. It is also recommended to take off the shock collar once you have seen the behavior improved. You don’t have to let them wear it for the rest of their life. Unless, it will create fear and induce stress to your pet. Once trained, they will carry the correct behavior all the way.

How to Choose a Dog Training Device Correctly?

1. Choose a dog training device with vibration or sound enhancement
Among the many training methods, the sound is the most gentle method, and the vibration is the more effective method. Because devices working with odor is much less effective, it is not recommended to choose a scent or electric shock bark stopper, and electric shock is due to It will make the dog feel painful, so it is not recommended to choose.

2. Choose a durable dog training device
Generally speaking, dog trainers are powered by batteries, so choose a more durable dog trainer so that it can last longer, and the dog trainer needs less time to charge. The owner does not need to worry about the device running out of power when in need of usage.

3. Choose a dog training device with remote control with high sensibility
The effective range of dog training equipment is also a very important indicator. The purpose of buying a dog training device is to quickly and effectively correct the dog's bad behavior. So when choosing, you should choose the one with higher sensitivity, which can control the dog's behavior from a long distance.

A well-trained pup is truly man's best friend. Teach your dog to behave appropriately in all scenarios with a little help from the e-collar. Remember, shock collars are not used for punishment. They are used to train your pets and to make them be better companions. Once you begin using a remote training collar to train your dog, you’ll find even more advantages to using them. They take the stress out of dog training and help you maintain a healthy relationship with your dog.

Among the many types of dog training devices on the market, the electrostatic dog training device can be said to be very recommended. It uses the principle of safe static electricity. It will not cause physical harm to the dog when training the dog. Static electricity stops barking. Compared with the traditional electric shock bark stoppers, the collar has many advantages.

Traditional electric shock bark stoppers are currently mostly used in dog training schools. They are generally used in the training of large dogs and fierce dogs, and are not suitable for home use. If the operation is improper, there may be electrical injuries to the dog, which is very unsafe and is not recommended.

The electrostatic anti-bark collars are equipped with much lower current than traditional anti-bark collars. Since the electrostatic anti-bark collars came into picture, there have been tens of thousands of users who have proved that static electricity does not hurt dogs and is effective. Electrostatic training collars, used correctly and responsibly, are a valuable tool for communicating with your dog, and ensuring pet owners and pets can live together in happiness and harmony for many years.

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