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Positive Behavior Training- Letting Dogs Live a Happy Life | DogCare Online Store

Positive Behavior Training- Letting Dogs Live a Happy Life

  • Positive Behavior Training- Letting Dogs Live a Happy Life
  • People Have Their Own Living and Social Standards, and So Are Dogs !
  • Understanding the Behavioral Habits and Needs of Dogs
  • How Can We Understand the Behavior of Dogs?
  • Communicating with the Dog Thoughtfully.
  • Understanding the Dog's Stability Signal
  • Why Should We Promote Positive Training?
  • What Behavioral Problems Do Dogs Have? What Are the Reasons?
  • What is Positive Training?
  • Adopting a Dog and Living a Simple and Happy Life.


Positive Behavior Training-letting the Dog Spend a Happy Life

"Raising a carefree dog and living a simple and happy life" has always been my pursuit. However, the more I grow up, the more I feel that the wish of simple and happy days is actually tricky. A lot of time, I feel that the situation is not in my hand of control within the society; The goal of raising a carefree and happy little dog should be easy, right?

But in fact, it's not.
In the past few years of learning behavior training, I have discovered that maybe your dog (or your pet) is not feeling liberate and happy. They are often under pressure from the outside world, no less than ours! Also, they often worry about the safety of their lives.


People Have Their Own Living and Social Standards, and So Are Dogs!

As primate mammals, they have a different social system from ours, so naturally, they will have their own social needs and behaviors.
But now pet owners lack a positive knowledge and understanding of dogs, and always impose human habits and requirements on them without having a real sense of what they really need. That is why a lot of pets now are constantly under pressure. Dogs are at times only trying to survive. In resistance, exaggerated behaviors such as barking and biting appeared.

To give the simplest example, for those dogs that protect food, they growl, bark or bite, they all want to protect that little piece of his own thing. When you get close to the food, that would make him feel intrusive. We would probably do the same thing if we were in nature.


Understanding the Behavioral Habits and Needs of Dogs.

Dog's genes record the rules of group life of ancestors, and they are born with these behaviors, such as sniffing around, like rubbing in places with smelly feces and salty fish, and so on.

For example, people would shake hands or hugs when they meet and greet people, but for dogs, they will not stand up to shake hands and are afraid of hugs. When dogs greet each other, most of them will sniff each other's asses and wag their tails to show friendship. If their necks are getting too close or standing still while growling with a low tone, then that's a signal to fight.

"Learning and understanding the world of dogs, understanding their habits and needs, and trying to get them accustomed to the human society." This is a must-have ability for a dog owner and the basis for ensuring that a dog can live a simple and happy life.

Apart from eating and drinking, social training is very important for dogs living in heterogeneous societies. Otherwise, how can we talk about simple happiness when we live in fear and fear every day, and our life safety cannot be guaranteed?


How Can We Understand the Behavior of Dogs?

I am very grateful that you can feed a dog scientifically, but at the same time I need to remind that it is also important to understand the psychological world of a dog.


Understanding the behavior of dogs cannot be done by buying a so-called dog language translator. Behavioral psychologists have not studied thoroughly, how can we expect to solve all the problems with a machine?


Communicating with the Dog Attentively

Of course, we don't have a dog-human language translator, so please communicate with the dog with your heart. Paying attention to the dog's every move, he will tell you his current mood, what he wants to do...


It will run over with his tail wagging and lick you to welcome you to come back home.

It will open his mouth and outstretched his tongue to breathe exaggeratedly when it is having a great time.

When feeling angry, It will stare silently and growl instead;
When it's under pressure, sending out various signals to convey nervousness and fear, etc.


Understanding the Dog's Stability Signal

Existing research shows that dogs mostly use scents, movements, and eyes to convey messages. Special attention should be paid to the stability signal of dogs. The stability signal refers to the information they release when they are stressed and uneasy. They are used to stabilize themselves and convey their harmlessness and kindness to the other party, such as: yawning, turning their heads to look away, scratching, shaking their bodies, Keep blinking and waiting. As a qualified owner, understanding the stability signal is more helpful to enter the inner world of dogs, helping them to get rid of tension and fear, and establish a deep trust relationship.


Why should we promote positive training?

Positive training is not a regular training teaching tricks for your pets, it is not just like shaking hands, pretending to be dead, or holding flower baskets, etc. In a more sense, what we are looking forward to is to solve the troubles and behavior problems your dog encounters in human society through training.


What Behavioral Problems Do Dogs Have? What Are the Reasons?

As mentioned above, in human society, dogs will inevitably have some behavioral problems. For instance, issues concerning common bashing, protecting the food aggressively, barking, biting, eating unclean food outside, etc.

But often, these behaviors are just results. As their loved ones, we need to figure out the original causes of the actions: what are the reasons for these behaviors?

Is it because of the pressure brought by the tense atmosphere around?
Or is this the innate behavior of dogs? Only in this way can we solve the problem.

In most cases, unconsciously, we often solve the problem using the wrong means; we tend to use a forced stimulus method to reach our expected result. (simply forcing the dog to feel uncomfortable with something). It might work sometimes; however, the result is often only a temporary solution to the surface problem, but it brings a lot of trauma to the dogs. Eventually, they would feel more nervous, scared, fearful, and more likely to make mistakes.

So we promote positive training and use a positive way to solve the problems between people and dogs. Understanding the dogs, in order to seek a harmonious living atmosphere, and also trying to adapt them to human society. After all, raising a dog is not a mandatory job that has to be done; it is more like a bond we want to create, a loving relationship we create between human and animals.


What is Positive Training?

Positive training is to correctly guide the dog to show the behavior we expect by enhancing encouragement, discouraging the behavior that we do not expect the dog to show. At the same time, it stimulates the initiative of the dogs, allowing them to grow and learn in an eager, happy, and positive environment. Speaking of this, it also coincides with my initial goal: to raise a carefree dog.

A harmonious environment filled with freedom and happiness with our loved pet is what we pursue, not just about feeding and walking your pet.

Dogs can live comfortably in human society, can happily enjoy the material conditions you provide them, and at the same time can bring you happiness instead of troubles.

Raising a Carefree Dog and Living a Simple and Happy Life

I hope that I am a person who knows how to live, enjoys life, and can live.
Simplicity and happiness are easy to say, but they are often hard-won.
Raising a carefree dog does not seem to be difficult, but in fact, it is not an easy task. But I still look forward to this kind of life in my heart: raising a happy dog and living a simple and happy life. Finding different beauty from different perspectives will naturally be simple and happy. Understanding the whimsical world of dogs, scientifically feeding them, and helping them getting used to our human world.

Tolerating their habits and educating your pet patiently with lots of love and care, correcting their negative behaviors that causing trouble in your life in the right direction gradually.

A harmonious atmosphere between you and your little loved one requires a change of mindset and another way of training. When your pet is happy, then you will be too.

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