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How Do You Successfully Train a Dog Quickly?

Do not position yourself as the boss of your dog, and it is crucial to change your mindset.
There is no use in punishing your dog physically; beating and scolding are absolutely useless. Ensuring that you understand the way of learning and thinking from your pet's perspective
How to properly train dogs by giving them treats?
What are the better dog training strategies besides giving them snack as treats?

There are usually many considerations and concerns when people decide to keep a pet. For the owner, it may only be living with the dog for a period of time in their life, but for the dog, it takes a life time . It is crucial to establish a good relationship with your loved pet. The thing is that if the bond between the owner and the pet is not built through the time spent together, it would be an unfortunate thing for both the owner and the pet.

Change of Mindset, Don’t Position Yourself As the Boss of Your Pet

Many dog owners take great care of their loved pets and no longer treat dogs as watchdogs. Instead, dogs are treated like family members these days. It is seen that many owners are only satisfied with the instructions to let the dog know how to sit down or shake hands with them, thinking that it is the best their dogs can achieve for their abilities. However, even if the current owner does not regard the dog as a watchdog, teaching your puppy basic good manners will save you a lot of embarrassment in the future and will help ensure that the two of you can enjoy every moment together. It is always beneficial to let their pet have good manners and learn good habits; teaching your dog's good manners can transform your dog's behavior as well as your relationship with them. That includes teaching your dog to wait patiently for the owner, accompany the owner to eat and drink, urining at the same spot, etc.

The problem is that although some owners are willing to train their dogs, a lot of people view the relationship between them and their pets are not equal. It is widely believed that dogs evolved from wolves; like a pack of wolves, dogs must obey their masters, and a lot of people are convinced that dogs need to live under the command of their masters, no matter what kind of blame and pressure the dogs bear. That is a common reason why the owner wants to be the leader of the dog. However, after the dog has evolved over ten thousand years, there have been many changes. It is the right thing for dog owners to treat domestic dogs with the love and care and the attitude of loving a family member, allowing your loved pet enjoy a happy and carefree life, educating them, teaching them good doggy manners.

Recognize the Way of Thinking and Learning from the Perspective of Your Pet, and Beating and Scolding is Useless.

The best time to raise a dog is within three to four months from the third week after birth; this is considered the golden age of dog socialization.
It's not just for the dog to get along with other dogs, but more importantly, getting used to human society, including learning about street traffic, the ground, and even the reactions of other animals. In addition, the owner needs to comb their hair, wipe their feet, and brush their teeth, allowing the puppy to get used to the sorts of basic life instructions.

Once this golden period is missed, the learning progress could be more time-consuming and difficult, and slow, even if eventually it is possible for the puppy to learn well later on. So training will be more difficult if the golden age of socialization is unfortunately missed. There should not be
violence involved when developing good habits for your loved pet.
It is of great significance to consider the following two points:

A. Good things will happen after the dog follows your orders.
B. The unpleasant things will disappear or decrease after the dog follows your orders.

Why is using violence not an excellent way to train dogs?Because using violence only makes the dog feel uneasy, frightened, and frightened. Even if the pets know that they are not doing well, they cannot learn new behaviors (that is, behaviors that the owner thinks are good),
You can’t let your dog know what is the right thing to do by making it uncomfortable and scared. It isonly possible to let them feel the enjoyment after done the correct behavior, so as to reward them for continuing to do it. Thus, this is the proper way to conduct dog training, not by forcing your ideas on the dog in a violent way.
If you want you puppy to try not to do a particular behavior,
You can try to make a dog feel annoyed when he does a certain behavior you don\t approve of; On the other hand, if you really want your puppy to learn new behaviors, but the dog hates this behavior, then you have to make it accustomed to and adapt to this behavior.

How to Properly Train Dogs Through Food?

First of all, patience and flexibility are required. Giving food is a way to improve the relationship between the owner and the dog. However, don't expect that your dog will be forever obedient to your orders when you only prepare a delicious and nutritious dog meal. Generally, the food placed on the dog's plate is only a necessary meal as a routine. Even if the stomach is satisfied, it will only last a short while and won't contribute very much to the relationship with the owner. So you don’t have to fully satisfy them when you are feeding a regular meal, you can reserve part of the food as snacks. During training, when the dog successfully follows the owner's instructions and then they get fed in batches, by doing this way, it becomes a reward, again and again, allowing the dog to get more satisfaction from the food over a longer period of time.

Dogs get every bite of delicious food directly from their owners, and they have a great sense of satisfaction. However, if the dog is fully fed while lacking communication and interaction with the owner, then the owner in the puppy's eyes is usually just the food delivery person. Most likely, the dog would take the food for granted and thinks that you are just a server.

The dog must feel that as long as the owner is there, he will not be hungry and can eat happily. In this way, food becomes a very effective bridge to establish the relationship between the owner and the dog.

What Are the Better Dog Training Strategies Besides Giving Them Food Only?

However, even if everyone adopts the strategy of feeding food, however, giving them food alone is still not enough if you intent to upgrade the relationship between the dog and the owner. Many dogs can be very greedy when it comes to eating; that's why starting a relationship with food is an easy option. But the problems encountered in actual training are more complicated in real cases.
When a dog is new to the environment, it will probably feel uneasy for many days; then, it is normal for it to take the food delivered by the owner for granted and not willing to follow the instructions of eating at the certain spot, the temptation of food can also be greatly reduced due to the uneasiness.

Therefore, it might be frustrating for you to train your dog if you only adopt the method of food. That is because the technique won't be helpful anymore when your dog is not hungry or long for food at some times.

In addition to preparing the dog’s favorite food, we need to let them temporarily leave the comfort zone by removing the cushions that make them feel comfortable by doing this way, encouraging your loved little one to interact with the owner.
The next step is to actively promote an active atmosphere and weaken the dog's arrogant attitude (for example, when your pet expects you to follows its intentions). In short, trying to use whichever ways to make the dog curious about upcoming activities you and your pet are about to play together; making your dog feel intrigued about the game is the key.
The trick is to make your dog start to be interested in your instructions, try not just relying on food through a tough command, but
to create a kind of scene that activates the dog's emotions and makes the dog interested in instructions.
Through the coordination between the owner and the dog, under this certain situation, the relationship between the you and your pet has taken a major step, giving a valued meaning to the activity you both participated.
Moreover, when training at home, you can let your dog wear a dog leash, or wear a Dog Shock Collar so that the dog has an entirely different training setting so that allowing it to more easily receive training instructions.
You should not be surprised that when letting your dog wearing a Dog Shock Collar for activities at home, through which way can improve training efficiency.

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