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Dog Training Collar- An Excellent Helper for Dog Training | DogCare Online Store

Dog Training Collar- An Excellent Helper for Dog Training

Why do dogs need to be trained?
What is a dog training collar?
How to use dog training collar for training?
What are the advantages of dog training collars?

The German literary master Goethe has a sentence in his work "Faust": "A well-educated dog can be compared to a gentle and elegant old man."

Pet dogs have become very common in modern society, and there are more and more parties that pet owners are allowed to bring dogs to participate in. At the same time, it is witnessed that some accidental injuries caused by dogs continue to increase. Therefore, disciplined dog raising has also become a basic social norm. The proper training of dogs and the formation of good behaviors are what every dog owner must do in modern society.

Why Do Dogs Need To Be Trained?

Co-learning between you and your pet: Dog training is a process in which the owner and the dog learn together. During the time of training, it not only allows the dog to get effective training, but also strengthens the relationship and forms a firm bond between the owner and the dog. Furthermore, it can also allow dogs to better integrate into society, so as to get along with humans in harmony.

Safety: Although pet dogs have become very common, there are still many people who are afraid of dogs, especially some large dogs. It is not uncommon for pets to cause injuries to people every once in a while you could hear those in the news. Therefore, the proper training of your dog is not only to protect others but also to protect your dog from danger.

Competition: Dogs are super intelligent. Some trained dogs can even participate in contests to win honors for you and make you and your dog proud and make you and your loved little fluffy friend the most popular existence among friends and neighborhoods.

Dog training should be done in an appropriate way. That is, using training collars will make training more manageable and more fun.

What Is A Dog Training Collar?

Dog training collars can also be referred to as e-collars, electronic collars, or shock collars. These collars work to deliver a remote shock to a dog, which helps discourage bad behavior. Sometimes, they can be used alongside wireless fences to deter a dog from going where it doesn't belong. Some collars can be programmed with a warning that comes before the shock, such as a vibration or beep. After the dog associates the warning with the shock, you may not need to use the shock feature at all.

The dog training collar consists of two parts:
Hand-held remote transmitter, receiver collar worn by the dog. At the same time, the device has a variety of modes to choose from, such as vibration, beep-mode, and pulse stimulation.

When in use, you can activate the collar by pressing the button on the remote control. And through the vibration mode to warn the dog that what is being done at this time is not correct. You only need to spend ten minutes of training every day to train an obedient, well-behaved, and sensible dog.

Because these collars train using an unpleasant deterrent, some people don't like the idea of them. But dog collar training is highly effective and can be gentle. It simply needs to be used correctly. For example, you should only use a dog training collar on a dog that already knows some simple commands, like "sit." That way, you know that the dog understands the connection between your command and its behavior, and will be able to make a similar connection with the shock. Now, let's get into the benefits of training your dog with an e-collar.

How To Use A Dog Training Collar For Training?

First of all, you need to help your pet to wear a training collar for the dog correctly. Before you start training, you should check the tightness of the collar and battery condition to ensure that the dog training collar can operate normally.

Then take the dog to the area where you are going to train it, such as the bedside, outside the kitchen, etc. When you find the dog jumping into bed or running into the kitchen excitedly, you can turn on the power in your hand. Consequently, the collar around the dog’s neck will send a signal to the dog to remind them that they shouldn’t be here.

Generally speaking, the vibration mode and buzzer mode are sufficient to train dogs. When the dog feels the vibration from the collar or hears the buzzing sound, they will be immediately attracted. If the dog does not realize that he needs to leave the area, you can keep pressing the button, and the dog will react quickly and leave quickly.

When the dog jumps out of the bed or leaves the kitchen, you can stop pressing the button. When the dog jumps on the bed or enters the kitchen again, you need to press the button again. This action may need to be repeated several times. Because the dog’s ability to understand such actions is limited, it doesn’t understand the meaning of collar vibration or buzzing. Still, if you give it such a signal every time it enters the border area, the dog will know that it should not jump into bed and enter the kitchen. Such behaviors will cause the collar to vibrate or buzz, so the dog will stay as far away from the border area as possible.

As long as you have enough patience, with the help of a dog training collar, repeating the same actions several times, then you can establish excellent boundary training for your dog so that your dog will be very disciplined and obedient.

Dog training collars provide an excellent convenience for dog training. In addition to border training, you can use dog training collars to train any other bad habits of dogs, such as rushing, people attacking, and food protecting behaviors.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Dog Training Collar?

1. Safety: Safety is always the key element when training dogs. That means including the safety of the dog and the safety of the owner.
The dog training collar sends signals to the dog through vibration, buzzing, and stimulation. These modes will not cause harm to the dog's body, and at the same time, will not cause harm to the owner.

2. Wide range: Most training methods only work up close. But with these collars, you can also correct your dog's behavior when you're not right next to him or her. This makes the method ideal for training your dog to respond to off-leash commands. When your dog is off-leash, it's still important to be able to use commands to keep your pet safe. Without a collar, you may not be able to get the behavior you want. The training range of dog training collars is very wide, and there are many ranges to choose from, such as 400m, 700m or even 1600m, etc. Meeting your multiple training needs.

3. Multiple modes: There are multiple modes for dog training collars to choose from: vibration, buzzer, pulse stimulation, etc. You can choose different modes according to the sensitivity of your dog. As a matter of fact, if your dog is very smart and sensitive, then the vibration mode should be more than sufficient. On the other hand, if your dog is very naughty and uncooperative, you may need a little pulse stimulation,
But don’t worry, the security is very high, and it also has a safety cut-off function. You are ensured that you can use it at ease.

4. Waterproof and rechargeable: For dogs who like to play in the water, it is recommended to use a waterproof and rechargeable dog training collar so that the training range is wider and it is more convenient to use. If you feel that charging is troublesome, you can also purchase battery models.

A dog training collar may not be necessary for all pets. But if you need an effective way to deliver gentle punishment, this might be the perfect tool for you. This is the best protection for your dog. Be prepared to be patient, just like teaching a child, repeat it a few times; the dog training collar will complete the training between you and your dog's interaction, so that your dog will develop the correct behavior habits in the long run.

When the dog associates the punishment with you, the owner, this can get in the way of your bond, making future training difficult. But when the negative feedback comes from the collar, your dog won't associate it with you. You can punish bad behavior without making your dog afraid of you. It's very important that you buy high-quality collars, so they'll work well and can't harm your dog. For a selection of time-tested, quality collars, check out our products.

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