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What Do You Need to Pay Attention to when Feeding a Dog? | DogCare Online Store

What Do You Need to Pay Attention to when Feeding a Dog?

Why Do People Love Dogs?
5 Safety Tips for Dog Owners.
How to Take Care of Your Dog Daily?


Many people enjoy keeping small animals, especially dogs, which have become part of many family members. However, when raising a dog, we need to be aware of hidden problems such as the spread of disease. It is a great concern for owners to safely manage the relationship between breeding and disease prevention.


Why Do People Love Dogs?

People love dogs because they are loyal, sensitive and very human, and these advantages are generally recognised by humans. Dogs can always help humans in many ways and are our right-hand men and women. For example, in high-risk industries such as drug enforcement and search and rescue, dogs can play a role that cannot be replaced by machines.



Dogs come in many varieties and are our most loyal friends. Many people like to have a dog because they view it as a companion in their lives. With the dog’s company, the elderly people who have dogs are less likely to suffer from illnesses than those who live alone.

For young people, owning a dog is a great way to develop a loving heart in addition to daily companionship. However, everything has two sides. Although dogs can be a great help to humans, they can also cause harm to them if some things are not handled properly. We have seen many cases of animals injuring people, especially rabies, where the mortality rate is close to 100%. The spread of rabies is in large part due to the poor management of dogs. Therefore, animals must be kept safely to avoid any potential hazards. What can be done to avoid potential problems? There are several things you should start with.


5 Safety Tips for Dog Owners

① Get your dog vaccinated regularly (immunisation prevention)

When keeping a dog, the spread of the rabies virus is the biggest hidden danger that humans face. . What makes people fear and worry about most is that the mortality rate of rabies is close to 100%. To prevent the dangers posed by rabies, owners should get their dogs vaccinated on time. Although dogs are still healthy at the moment, we should have them vaccinated properly, which can be no hint of sloppiness.



Only when the health of the dog is ensured can the pathway of rabies transmission among people be effectively cut off. It is also important to note that the vaccine is not a permanent benefit once given. Vaccines are time-limited. Every now and then, we should visit a regular veterinary hospital to have our dogs vaccinated again to ensure that they are always in good health.

In addition to this, dogs can be infected by parasites such as mites, lice, ticks, fleas, etc. Parasitic infections can lead to skin diseases. The close contact between dogs and humans will likely spread parasitic diseases to their owners and cause us to develop related skin diseases. Therefore, we should take this problem seriously and take medical advice from our vet for medical defence, such as wearing a worm-proof collar or spraying the area where the dog sleeps regularly with disinfectant medication, which will help to eliminate hidden dangers and allow humans and animals to live together safely and harmoniously.

② Protection measures when taking your dogs outside

When we have dogs, they can’t stay at home all the time and need to be taken outside to play or walk regularly. Taking your dog out for a walk is a great time for humans and animals to interact on all fronts. Playing outdoors enhances the bond between owner and dog, which is enjoyable for both parties and provides physical exercise.

③ Put a collar on your dog

Dogs are not humans and cannot do everything to save us the trouble. So it is important to take some necessary precautions, which will go a long way to avoiding unnecessary problems. For example, if you put a collar on your dog or a chest harness on your dog, your dog will be able to stay within the owner’s sights under the owner’s traction and will be less likely to hurt people. Meanwhile, with the increasing number of vehicles such as cars, dogs are not safe if they are not wearing a chest harness or collar, etc. They are prone to wandering off and thus having accidents.



④ Muzzle your dog

Moreover, dogs are very curious. They are always sniffing around and are likely to pick up germs, so we can choose to give them a suitable muzzle. Of course, these masks are completely do-it-yourself, as long as they are practical and keep the dog out of direct contact with germs.

⑤ Always carry toilet paper with you

When out walking, there is a risk that your dog may defecate, which if left unattended will pollute the environment and may be stepped on by pedestrians and be morally reprehensible. To prevent such incidents from occurring, owners should keep toilet paper handy and dispose of their dogs’ faeces timely to protect the environment and prevent the spread of bacteria.


How to Take Care of Your Dog Daily?

Dogs are mammals and they have a constant metabolism, so they will inevitably have some odours on their bodies. Therefore, it is essential to take care of your dog regularly.

For example, as an owner, you should always bathe and groom your dog. There are also details such as the dog’s paws are most likely to be contaminated with dirt, so for the sake of hygiene, owners should check the condition of their dog’s paws timely, clip their dog’s nails regularly and cut any hair that has burrowed through the nail crevices.



With daily care, bacterial infections in the paw area can be avoided and dogs are cleaner and less prone to disease. On the other hand, giving your dog a proper pair of shoes, one at home and one when you go out, will also help to keep your dog clean and hygienic and will help avoid infectious diseases.

Do you now know how to keep your dog better? Dogs can get sick too, and it is our job to make this less likely to happen and keep our dogs healthier. Take action now and give your dog a full body clean.

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