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What basic equipment do you need to prepare to keep a dog? | DogCare Online Store

What basic equipment do you need to prepare to keep a dog?

Owning a dog is not just a matter of taking it home, it is important for the owner to prepare in advance for the needs of its life. First of all, you need to prepare some daily necessities for it, as well as the basic tools for raising a dog, and also arrange a good place for the dog to live.

Dog kennel

We wait for the arrival of the dog with great anticipation, the first thing to do is to arrange a place for it to live. First need a nest for it to rest and sleep, that is the dog kennel (Figure 3-1). The kennel is the place where the dog lives. The kennel can be homemade, or if you are in a hurry, you can temporarily use a paper box instead, but you should consider whether the size matches the dog's body shape, and also pay attention to keep it warm.


Selection of dog kennel

Selection of dog kennel

Selection of dog kennel, model size is the first thing to consider. If too big, the dog will feel cold, if too small, its limbs can not stretch freely, it will affect the rest. So when we choose a kennel for the dog, we should make sure that it can sit and lie down freely in it, stand and turn around with room to spare, and that it is well ventilated. If you buy a larger adult dog kennel considering the growth of the puppy, then you need to place a good divider in the kennel that appears empty or place a cardboard box in the kennel to improve the puppy's living experience.

If the owner intends to sleep with the puppy, then you need to prepare a separate bed for the puppy, so that the puppy can sleep when you are not at home. Of course the size should be in line with the size of the puppy, so that the puppy will be comfortable and feel safe when sleeping.

Secondly, the material and fabric of the kennel should also be suitable for your dog. For example, for curly-haired and long-haired dogs, it is best to choose a cotton kennel, because it is not easy to generate static electricity, and the dog's hair is not easy to knot.

For young or untrained dogs, acrylic or suede kennels are more cost-effective, relatively easy to wash, warm and comfortable, and less expensive.

Some owners also choose wooden kennels for their dogs. This time it is necessary for the owner to prepare a soft and comfortable mat, or use old clothes, old sheets instead, both temperature, but also allows the dog to smell the owner's smell, increasing the sense of security.

Third, to consider the closed, open kennel, also known as a dog sofa, is more suitable for larger dogs; while the semi-closed kennel is more suitable for smaller, less hair, younger dogs, a higher sense of security and comfort.

There is also a box type kennel, which can be moved and easily carried. If there is a visitor, the dog can be condemned to stay there temporarily so that it will not run around and scare the guest, which can be quite convenient.

There is also a box type kennel, which can be moved and carried easily, and if you have guests, you can condemn your dog to stay there temporarily so that it will not run around and scare the guests, which is quite convenient.


The dog's defecation problem is considered by dog owners to be the most important issue, and the pet toilet solves part of the problem. If the owner is busy at work and cannot take it for a walk as usual to solve the problem of urination and defecation, it is convenient to prepare a special toilet for it at home.


basic equipment to prepare to keep a dog

The first type of dog toilet features a collapsible, this simple collapsible pet toilet is a dual-purpose dog toilet. It can be used by male dogs when standing up, which not only saves space but is also very convenient and comfortable. Usually this kind of toilet will be rubber material as the bottom support, enhance the solidity with the floor, and can prevent movement.

The second type is the snap-on pet toilet, this type of dog toilet can prevent the dog's urine from moving, high cover can prevent urine splash, antibacterial design, hygiene and clean.

The third type is a simple pet toilet, simple toilet design contains antibacterial deodorizing ingredients, can lock the moisture firmly to prevent liquid leakage.

The fourth type is a special toilet for male dogs, which is enclosed in three directions to prevent urine from splashing out and support the instinct of dogs that like to lift their legs to pee at the root of the wall.


When training dogs, collars are important props to help us control the dog's body, and in daily dog walking, collars are also essential supplies that prevent dogs from storming and getting lost. The face of a wide range of collars, how should we choose it?

According to the material, the collar is divided into leather, nylon, cotton and plastic materials, in addition to the wide version and the fine version.

Generally speaking, larger dogs should choose the wide version, and conversely, small dogs are suitable for the use of thin version. Collars are not a one-step process, as your dog changes size from puppy to adult, the collar should be changed. Initially, you will only need a small, lightweight "puppy collar" for your puppy. Different breeds will have different collar preferences. For example, long-haired dogs will obviously prefer a smooth leather collar, as nylon collars often tug on the coat; some breeds have sensitive necks, so they will need a wider collar with a flatter interior. Just as people need to try on clothes, it is better to give your dog a few more to find the one that makes him feel most comfortable.


puppy collar

When using a collar on your dog, you need to pay particular attention to the length control, not too tight, otherwise it will affect breathing, and not too loose, otherwise it will allow the dog to escape easily. Generally speaking, the width of a finger between the neck and the collar is enough. In addition, not to wear the collar should be worn at all times, at home or in a suitable space, you can let the dog take off the collar.

Regular cleaning of the collar is also a necessary task. Due to the long-term contact with the dog's fur, the collar will have dirt and bacteria accumulation, for the sake of the dog's health, the collar cleaning issues also need to pay attention to.

The head collar, which looks similar to a horse's bridle, generally consists of two nylon straps, one around the dog's nose position and the other around the back of the neck. This design, so that when the owner pulls up the leash with the appropriate force, it will simultaneously produce a certain amount of pressure on the nose and neck, thus stabilizing the dog. This collar is used to correct the dog barking, rushing, agitation and other behaviors.


If you're thinking about adding a dog to your life, it's important to be prepared for some extra work. Here are the basics of what you'll need in order for your new furry friend to have a comfortable and safe stay:
-A crate or a large plastic storage container that can accommodate your new pet
-Toys and treats for your dog (be sure to get quality brands that meet their nutritional requirements)
-A leash, collar, and ID tag (if applicable)
-Bathroom items like shampoo, soap, towels, mats/troughs, and litter (for both indoor and outdoor use)
-An emergency whistle or voice alarm

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