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Training dogs to behave well

Although the dog is the first animal tamed by human beings, it can still reveal the characteristics of wolf in its life with human beings. Therefore, we should educate the dog about indoor life when it is very young, try to stop it from certain behaviors that make people uncomfortable, and develop good habits to make the life of human and dog together more harmonious.

1. how to make the dog to develop good defecation habits?

Dogs are clean-loving animals, and once they can move freely after weaning, they will go outside the den to find a place to defecate. The owner should designate a place for him to defecate in time, otherwise he will make his own way to find a place!

Also, when a dog comes to a new environment, it will recognize the place where it first urinates, so don't miss this opportunity to develop its hygiene habits more easily.

For puppies living in high-rise buildings, you can find a suitable corner for him to use as a toilet, either by the balcony or by the door of the room, lay newspaper or sand, carefully observe his every move, when you see him sniffing on the ground, or arching his back and constantly circling a small area, quickly pick him up and put him in the "toilet", and wait for him to When he finishes his business, praise him with a cheerful voice. When cleaning up, leave a little scent to help the puppy identify its "toilet" next time. To attract the puppy to its "toilet" to defecate, you can also spray odorant (liquid that imitates the smell of excrement) on it.

Training dogs to behave well

If you find your puppy defecating in the room, yell and then run and tease him to go to the toilet to complete his unfinished "mission". Don't scold him, and don't press his nose into the excrement, because he'll find it disgusting too. Thoroughly clean up the area contaminated by the puppy, and it is best to spray it with deodorant or disinfectant to avoid leaving a stench that will attract the puppy to go to the "toilet" again.

Many first-time dog owners, do not understand the habits of the dog, in fact, it is a relatively fixed defecation time, which is to wake up from sleep and eat. Adult dogs generally poop twice a day, urinate 3 to 4 times. Puppy bladder and intestinal volume is small, the need for frequent defecation, so the owner should take more care of it, and when it grows up, you can lead it to the outdoors to find a place to defecate.

Some puppies will have a sense of defecation when they are too nervous and excited, and dogs with good self-control will immediately run to the "toilet", while dogs with poor self-control will be incontinent. This problem is difficult to correct, and when it grows up, it will naturally disappear.

Some dogs make mistakes, the thought of being criticized, not waiting for the master to speak to start urinating, thinking that this can escape scolding and punishment. For this kind of dog do not criticize too much, so that it loses self-confidence; also do not let it go because of urine.

2. How to train the dog to listen to the command to start eating?

This is the most basic upbringing of the dog should have, allowed to eat to eat, the master does not order, then hungry also have to hold.

First, order the dog to sit down, so that it quietly, to enhance its obedience heart. Then put the food bowl on the ground, when he rushes towards the food, you say "no" while using your hand to block his mouth and nose, or move the food bowl away. Do not take too long, or the dog will not have an appetite. Repeat several times, and when he becomes patient, you can give the command "eat it" and bring the food to him.

If it is dry dog food, you can put it in your hand and hand it to the dog, and say "wait a minute", if it does not obey or to grab the food, hold the hand up, wait a while and then give the command "eat it". There is also an aversion method, is when the dog is going to eat food, the owner make a lot of noise, and take the food away. After a few repetitions, it will understand that if you do not listen to the command to eat, not only will there be an unpleasant sound, but also the food is gone.

Usually you can take advantage of the dog is eating a favorable opportunity to issue the "eat it" command, so that it thinks it is listening to the command to eat.

When your dog is used to and understand the "eat it" and "no" muzzle, even if the food is delicious in front of it, it will wait for the master to say "okay" before enjoying.

With this kind of upbringing, you can teach it to refuse to eat food from outsiders and not to pick up things to eat in the future.

Training dogs to behave well

3. How to train a dog not to eat food from strangers?

When the dog is very young, let it develop the habit of eating and drinking in the food utensils, the food utensils should not be too full, so as not to fall to the ground to give it the opportunity to pick up food.

When training you dog, if you need to reward the dog, you should also put the food in your hand and feed it, never throw it on the ground, so that it picks food. Usually take the dog out for a walk, but also to pay attention to its behavior everywhere, see it to pick food on the ground, immediately issued a "no" command, while pulling the leash to stop.

In addition, you can ask an assistant to help with conscious training. The dog is tethered to a fixed object, the assistant throws a piece of sausage in front of it, when it wants to pick up, the owner promptly issued a "no" command, while the assistant holding a wooden stick lightly hit the dog's nose, so that it recognizes that eating strangers' food is to be beaten; or ask the assistant to throw the dog a piece of food with a spicy taste, it swallowed pain, and then, the owner to the assistant fake reprimand. Then, the owner faked a reprimand to the assistant, while ordering the dog to "bark" to demonstrate. Repeatedly, the dog will be able to refuse food from strangers and strengthen the ability to "bark" to alert.


As pet owners, it is important that we teach our dogs good habits. Here are some of the best habits to teach your dog:
-Stay close when you're out and about - If your dog wanders off, make sure to keep a close eye on them and return them as soon as possible.
-Stay in one spot when commanded - This will help you avoid accidents while out and about.
-Don't chew on furniture or other items - Chewing can be dangerous for both humans and dogs, so discourage it by providing appropriate toys instead.

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