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The Cat's Secret to Drinking Water

Why Cats Don’t Like Drinking Water?
The Effect of Water on Cat Health
The Weird Thing About Cats DrinkingnWater
Why Do Cats Refuse to Drink Water?
Tips on Choosing Water Bowels for Cats
7 Water Your Cat Shouldn't Drink
Great Ways to Make Cats Love Drinking Water

Why Cats Don’t Like Drinking Water?

Cats are less likely to drink water than humans or any other animals. This is because their ancestors lived in the desert before, so they just need a small amount of water to stay active due to the long evolution, then the habit has come to today. Now, the domestic cat drinks more water thanks to the better drinking condition, while stray cats still drink less water because they can not find clean water.

The Effect of Water on Cat Health

The water content in a cat's body accounts for more than 70% of its total body weight. In order to maintain the normal functioning of the system in the body, a considerable amount of water must be excreted every day, otherwise, it will affect cats’ internal organs. Relatively speaking, the cat that likes to drink water is healthier than the cat that doesn't like to drink water.

If the cat does not like to drink water is susceptible to suffering from urinary stones, kidney disease, etc. In hot summer, cats need to drink more water to prevent heatstroke, so there is absolutely no harm in feeding your cat more water. 

Weird Things About Cats Drinking Water

Many cats have their own quirks and weird ways when they drink water:
1. Some cats only drink water from the owner's cup;
2. It is a trick for some cats to dip their paws in the water cup to drink. The water in the toilet is favored by a large number of cats;
3. Footbath water is also popular among some cats;
From these things, it is not difficult to find out that the requirement of the cat for water quality and smell seem to be far from people's.
Tips: Cats can only drink water with their tongues, so they drink slowly and sparingly.  

Why Do Cats Refuse to Drink Water?

Sometimes the cat is not satisfied with the water we prepared, in fact, the key to the problem is not the water, but our lack of preparation.

1. The water is too dirty
When the water is too dirty or has the smell they don't like, cats will refuse to drink and look for clean water somewhere else. So don't be lazy and change the water frequently for the cat.

2. When the water has been drunk by other cats
Sometimes there are many cats and dogs in the house. When they don’t like each other, the cats that has a fetish about cleanliness will feel reluctant to drink water from the same water bowl.

3. When they don't like the drinking container
Some cats are not picky, and they drink water in a water bowl; while some cats only like to drink running water, like the water from a faucet, so when cats don’t like to drink water, try to figure out the problem of the water quality, also check if there is a problem with the drinking container.

Tips: As I mentioned earlier, cats sometimes like to drink strange water, such as the water in the toilet. They are not satisfied with the current drinking condition may be one cause of that.

The Tips on Choosing Water Bowls for Cats

To make your cat love to drink water, the selection of water containers is also important. At present, there are mainly the following types of water bowls for cats on the market, do you know which one is more favored by your cat?

1. regular water bowls
Many cat owners use regular pet bowls or small human bowls as drinking utensils for cats. The advantage is that it is cheap and easy to buy; the disadvantage is that after a few hours, all kinds of dirt will accumulate in the water bowl.

2. Storage drinking utensils
There is a jar for storing water, which can be buckled upside down in the basin, and the water will slowly flow out when the amount of water in the jar decreases. The advantage is that it is suitable for families with multiple cats. The disadvantage is that it will make the owner feel that there is no need to change the water, which will adversely affect the cat's health.

3. Electric filter water dispensers
Like a water dispenser, it needs to be plugged in to make the water circulate and filter the dirt. The advantage is that it keeps the water clean for as long as possible, while the disadvantage is that the price is relatively expensive, 10 to 20 times more expensive than regular water bowls.

4. Ball drinking fountains
Like a drinking bucket, the cat licks the ball, and the water flows down from the ball into the cat's mouth. The advantage is that it is not easy to accumulate dirt, while the disadvantage is that many cats don’t know how to use this fountain, which is not popular among cats.

Tips: No matter which water container you choose, remember two most important tips, the first one is the cat accepts this water bowl, the other one is to keep the drinking water clean. That means even you use an expensive electric water dispenser, you can't be lazy and not change the water for your cats.

7 Kinds of Water Cats Can't Drink
Both human beings and cats need a lot of water to be supplemented every day, but it is also very particular to prepare drinking water for your cat, and not all the water cats can drink. Let me tell you what kinds of water your cat can't drink!

  1. Tap water
    In order to save trouble, some owners just give cats tap water to drink, but they do not know that tap water refers to the water that meets the corresponding standards and is produced by the tap water treatment plant after purification and disinfection for people's living and production. It can not be directly drunk by people and cats. Because the tap water contains a lot of impurities and bacteria, it needs to be re-sterilized at high temperatures. If cats drink tap water directly for a long time, cats are prone to catching parasites. Therefore, it is recommended cat owners that boil tap water and cool it before giving it to their cats.

  2. Mineral water
    Some people think that pure water is the cleanest water, because people always buy mineral water to drink, considering that there is no problem for cats to drink. However, mineral water is uncontaminated underground water that naturally gushes out from the depths of the ground. It contains a certain amount of mineral salts, and pet cats cannot take in too much salt. Long-term drinking will cause cats serious hair loss.

  3. Tea
    Drinking tea has certain benefits for humans, but it can be fatal to cats. Tea contains caffeine, theobromine, or theophylline, etc, and these substances may cause cats to get poisoned, affect the heart and nervous system, and even cause death! So you must be extra careful not to give tea to your cat.

  4. Drinks
    Drinks, as the name suggests, are alcohol, and alcohol is equivalent to arsenic for cats. If the cat drinks alcohol, it will experience vomiting, agitation, confusion, etc within 3 minutes, and even coma, incontinence, and death in some severe cases.

  5. Saltwater
    Saltwater contains a certain amount of salt, and although cats need some salt every day, the demand is very low. If you make your cat drink saltwater desperately in order to supplement salt for it, this will cause its metabolism to slow down, and even cause its hair to shed continuously. Therefore, you should not feed it saltwater and pay attention to its diet, don't give it too much salt. It is best to feed it a little low-salt and low-fat cat food to make it easier for pet cats to digest.

  6. Dead water
    Dead water refers to water that has been placed for a long time. Some owners give one-day-need water one time for cats to drink for convenience. In fact, the water will easily breed bacteria and parasites after 12 hours of placement, which will cause cats to experience diarrhea, vomiting, and other discomforts. Therefore, remember to change the water regularly, about 3 to 4 times a day, to ensure that cats can drink healthy water.

  7. Milk
    Because most cats are intolerant to lactose, and the lactose content in milk is relatively high. If the lactose-intolerant cat drinks milk will cause indigestion, therefore cause vomiting, diarrhea, and other severe symptoms, it is recommended that not feed milk to cats.
    If you want to supplement nutrition for your cat, you can feed it goat milk powder. The nutritional structure of goat milk powder is close to breast milk, and it contains a variety of nutrients, which can be digested and absorbed easily by cats.

Great Ways to Make Cats Love Drinking Water
We also have some tips for dealing with cats that don't like to drink water. It is absolutely not a problem to make them love drinking water.

  1. Change fresh water frequently
    Change the drinking water at least twice a day to keep the drinking water fresh, and they will like to drink more water. Meanwhile, the water bowls should be cleaned every day. If there are many cats in the house, it is better to prepare more water bowls for them.

  2. Place more water bowls in different places
    If you only place the water bowl next to the food bowl, then the cat is likely to stay and only drink water while eating. You should put more water bowls in different places of the rooms, so that the cat can drink wherever it goes.

  3. Adding more water to your cat's food
    Adding more water to your cat's food can help the cat get more water. For example, cooking some fish soup, broth, or putting some hot water in the can food, or making more soft food for the cat to eat are good ways.

  4. Prepare a drink for your cat
    It is also a good way to make a drink that cats like as a substitute for water. For example, you can buy grass tea for your cat and make a cup of cat grass tea as a water-like nutrient solution, which is favored by the cat.

The saying "water is the source of life" also works for cats. Don't be afraid of trouble, from now on, let's take care of the little guy by learning about its water drinking every day.

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