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Pet dog sleep

Pet dogs are highly dependent.

When they are with their owners, they can sleep quietly at their feet or in any corner of the room. But when the owner goes to bed or goes out, they will sob or even bark, affecting the rest of the owner or neighbors. Pet dogs spend a lot of time sleeping every day. Therefore, giving pet dogs a good sleeping environment and a good rest is another trouble for qualified owners. For growing puppies, sleeping is very important. Otherwise, it will affect their future development, so pet dogs should be trained for quiet rest.

Pet dog sleep

Like human beings, pet dogs also need sleep.

Sleep is an important way to restore physical strength and maintain health. Dogs are nocturnal animals in the wild. They sleep during the day and move at night. After being domesticated by humans, because living with humans, the life mode of pet dogs has changed, so they are also the same as humans in terms of sleep. They change to daytime activities and sleep at night. Different from people, the sleep frequency of pet dogs is 45 minutes, which is shorter than that of humans, which is exactly half that of humans. Therefore, they will not sleep from night to morning, and they will always be alert when they sleep. Even if the owner talks in the middle of the night and calls his dog's name, the pet dog will respond immediately and then sleep.

Pet dogs are generally in a light sleep state.

They can wake up with a little movement, but they also fall asleep. After deep sleep, the pet dog is not easily awakened and is sometimes sleepy, such as barking and groaning, twitching limbs, and shaking head and ears. During light sleep, the pet dog is prone, with its head between its two front paws and one ear close to the ground. He often lies on his side when sleeping soundly and spreads out his whole body. He looks very happy. At this time, it is not easy to be awakened by acquaintances and hosts, but it is still very sensitive to strange sounds.

Pet dog sleep

When a pet dog is awakened from sleep, it often appears to be a very bad mood.

It is very dissatisfied with the person who awakens it. The newly awakened pet dog has hazy sleep eyes, and sometimes even the owner can't recognize it. So its dissatisfaction will sometimes vent on its owner, such as barking at you. Pet dogs need about 14-15 hours of sleep every day, but there is no fixed sleep time. They can sleep 24 hours from morning to night and sleep whenever possible. But full sleep time is around noon, two or three o'clock in the morning. The length of sleep varies from day today. In addition to eating, they are exercising and sleeping to develop puppies. When the puppy is very cute, the owner will often hug and touch it, but if it is not appropriate, it will cause the puppy's lack sleep or loss appetite. However, if the puppy sleeps all day and does not exercise properly, it will lose appetite. Puppies should do proper natural exercise before feeding. How can they do natural exercise? For example, 40 minutes before feeding, let the puppy play with its favorite toys or find a puppy of the same age as a playmate, which better affects the puppy's systemic movement and psychological development. The exercise time and times of puppies should be determined according to the type, development status, season, and health status of puppies on that day. Dogs older than 6 months can be allowed to exercise alone or pull in the morning and evening. Some people believe that pet dogs stop responding to taste while sleeping but are particularly sensitive to sound. In addition, when sleeping, the pet dog always faces its head towards the courtyard gate to feel all kinds of changes outside at any time, which is convenient for housekeepers and guards.

If the pet dog can't get enough sleep, the working ability will be significantly reduced, and there will be more mistakes. Similarly, lack of sleep can also worsen the mood of pet dogs. The pet dog with insufficient sleep shows that he lies on the ground when he has the opportunity, is unwilling to stand up, often yawns, have no mind in his eyes, and is distracted. When sleeping, pet dogs always like to hide their mouths under their lower limbs. This is because pet dogs have the most sensitive nose and smell, so they should be well protected. At the same time, it also ensures that the nose is always alert to the situation around to respond at any time. Old and young dogs sleep longer, while young and strong dogs are sleepless.

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