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Pet dog interactive game training

Train the pet dog to pick up the thrown items

Holding training refers to the ability of a dog to hold objects in its mouth excitedly and quickly according to the command of its owner. The vast majority of pet dogs are very interested in holding objects, which is the performance of their primitive instinct to take food back into their holes. However, to make the pet dog carry things purposefully under the guidance of people, it must be specially trained to form a conditioned reflex to listen to orders and act. However, some pet dogs have been blamed for taking the title. It isn't easy to train pet dogs to take the title. Only more encouragement and proper training can overcome these difficulties. To maintain and improve the excitement of dog holding, items that excite the dog should be selected and replaced, and the number of training holding should not be too many. Each correct holding of the dog should be fully rewarded. Correct the dog's problems of biting, playing, and spitting out objects automatically when holding objects in time to maintain accuracy. To cultivate the adaptability of dogs to various items, the items taken should be changed frequently in training to lay a good foundation for the training of future use subjects. To prevent the dog from vomiting early, the owner's receiving action should not be sudden, and the food reward should not be too early or too much. The reward can only be given after receiving. Cultivate the obedience of dogs to take things according to their master's command, and stop the bad habit of dogs holding things at will.

Pet dog interactive game training

Train pet dogs to jump simple obstacles.

I often see the wonderful performances of pet dogs crossing obstacles, jumping circles, and even jumping fire circles on TV. I believe that the heroic posture of pet dogs when flying must have left a deep impression on the audience and envy many dog owners. Here is a simple training method so that your dog can also learn to jump and win everyone's applause. When training, we should avoid holding the rope to trip the pet dog's feet to avoid injury. Using Frisbee as a guide can lay the foundation for future Frisbee training. In addition, after successful training, you can use hula hoops, long poles, or obstacles for advanced training. If you don't have 100% confidence, don't practice with a fire ring to avoid hurting your pet dog.

Train pet dogs to catch objects thrown by their owners in the air

Receiving is to let the pet dog jump up and catch the items thrown by the owner in the air. Generally speaking, they will be frisbee and ball toys, but mineral water bottles can also be used. This training is especially suitable for pet dogs aged 2 ~ 5 months. This training can exercise the leg muscles of the pet dog and make the pet dog's body more coordinated. In addition, this training can also improve the judgment and accuracy of pet dogs. Be sure to shout "attention" before throwing things. This password is very important and is one of the training to improve the attention of pet dogs. The food falling on the ground must not be given to the pet dog.
On the one hand, it can improve its jumping enthusiasm and prevent it from developing the bad habit of picking up food on the ground. Don't start training too many times because this action needs to consume a lot of physical strength of the pet dog, so it's OK to start training about 10 times and then increase slowly later. If you find that the pet dog is unwilling to jump, you should stop training immediately.

Train pet dogs to catch food in the air

This training is very interesting. Pet dogs love to play this game and can learn it easily. However, pet dogs with poor flexibility and agility can only learn this after repeated training, which requires more patience and love from the owner.

Train pet dogs to pick up flying saucers

After the pet dog has learned and mastered the skills of receiving objects or food in the air, it can then carry out the "flying saucer receiving" training. After using flying saucers instead of food, pet dogs are no longer interested in food but games. In addition, the speed of flying saucers should be slow at the beginning of training. If the pet dog runs to the UFO quickly and catches it successfully, the owner should give a food reward to stimulate the pet dog's enthusiasm. If the pet dog does not catch the flying saucer, he should continue training until he succeeds. After the previous training has achieved certain results, the owner can change the direction and speed to improve the ability of the pet dog.

Pet dog interactive game training

Train pet dogs to help their owners carry baskets

Are you afraid to take your pet dog to the market to buy vegetables? Are you afraid of pet dogs running around or getting lost? When the pet dog learns to accompany you, you can take it to the market to buy vegetables with you, but isn't it a little interesting? Imagine how interesting it is for your pet dog to carry a basket for you when buying vegetables. How many people will envy it?

Train pet dogs to help their owners with newspapers

In the film, we often see the picture of the pet dog taking the newspaper for the owner in the morning, which seems to be the usual way of making dog-related films. The dog can help us read the newspaper, but it can't help us see the picture in the newspaper box. Isn't that interesting? Come train with me! This kind of training is especially suitable for small dogs or appreciation dogs. It should be noted that if your newspaper is placed out of the reach of your pet dog, it is best not to carry out this training.

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