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Long-haired dog care guide

The benefits of having a long-haired dog are vast and include: increased attractiveness to potential pet owners, less shedding, easier care, and a great deal of personality. Here are some specific reasons why owning a long-haired dog is such a great idea:

How to cut a long-haired dog's hair?

Cutting a dog's hair can't be like cutting a human's hair, you can cut it however you want, because the purpose of cutting a dog's hair is to cover up its flaws and give it the best dog image.

The Smart Pet Clipper is a common tool for cutting hair, to the dog to cut hair to start with the legs, then the tail, back, neck, and finally the head, be sure to use the pusher to cut against the skin, do not pull up the fur to cut, that is likely to cut its skin. For the dog, a summer haircut is enough. In addition, when cutting hair to keep the lower abdominal hair, these hairs can protect the dog's reproductive organs from harm.

How to cut a long-haired dog's hair?

The shape of each breed of dog is different, the poodle's long hair can be trimmed into a variety of attractive appearance, but the poodle's head is small, it can leave its head of hair longer and trimmed into a round; the head of a large dog, you have to find a way to cut the hair on the head short, while the hair on the neck is not cut; for the face of a long dog can be trimmed around its mouth hair into a round; the upper and lower teeth do not bite the dog, you can leave it out The beard, so as to ease its prominent forehead; small eyes of the dog can be cut off some of its upper eye hair, so that its eyes look bigger.

A dog with a body that is too thin, it's hair should be left longer to add a sense of fullness. A dog with a long body can have the hair on its front chest and hips cut off, and then the rest of its fur rolled with a curler to make it fluffier; a dog with a hunchback has the hair on its back cut short and the fur on its neck and waist left on so that it looks like its back is straighter; an X-legged dog can have more hair on the outside and the hair on the inside cut short; an O-legged dog is the opposite so that their legs look straighter; a standard poodle's Legs should be trimmed around in order to cut a cylindrical effect, the trimming of the legs should pay attention to the location, too high and too low will make the dog look funny.

There are also dogs, such as butterfly dogs, their toes on the miscellaneous hair should also be properly cut, if knotted into a group will prevent it from walking, the clump of hair on the foot pads need to be cut short and flush with the foot pads, trimmed toes look smooth and round.

How do I cut my Poodle's hair?

The key to making your Poodle noble and elegant is to start clipping his coat when he is young. When your Poodle is 6 to 8 months old, only the hair on his face, paws and the root of his tail should be cut short. When cutting the facial hair, never cut the hair above the eyes; cut the hair on all four feet from the ankles down. Don't cut the hair elsewhere, otherwise it will take a long time to grow up and affect its look as an adult.

Adult Poodles are trimmed with a saddle trim method, which is as follows

The head is trimmed as short as possible on the basis of its juvenile trim, so that the facial outline is clear, and the top of the head hair is left long and tied with a rubber band.

The hair on the two front paws should be cut short so that the paws are bare. The hair on the upper front legs, front trunk and neck should be left long and trimmed in a rounded shape.

The hair of the hind trunk should be cut short, leaving only about 2 cm. Its two hind legs are long and a hair ball should be left at the knee and ankle joints, which is beautiful and coordinated and prevents arthritis.

The tip of the tail should also be trimmed with a large hair ball, and the hair at the root of the tail should be cut short so that the hair ball at the tip of the tail is eye-catching and prominent.

How to make the dog's coat more beautiful?

First of all, start from the dog's nutrition, properly feed lean meat, egg yolk, vitamin E and cod liver oil to ensure the nutrition required by its coat, sugar and salt should be fed less, sugar will make the dog obese and the coat quality will deteriorate; salt will make its coat rough and shapeless.

How to make the dog's coat more beautiful?

Also let the dog exercise more, to promote blood circulation, so that the fur shiny; each time to it after combing, and then use soft leather or in the towel to apply some hair oil wipe, can make its fur shiny.

In addition, the dog should not live in too warm environment, often leaning on the stove to warm the dog, its fur will be dry and messy.

Those dogs that compete with long hair, such as Afghan Hounds, Pomeranians and Yorkshire Terriers, can use a sprayer filled with distilled water to give it a thin layer of spray, and then use a hair dryer to blow properly, so that the fur looks fluffy and smooth.

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