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Integrating your dog into your family

Let's be prepared and bring our dogs home now with expectations and hopes! There will be many unexpected situations with your dog, lots of fun and lots of little worries, but as long as we are well prepared, I believe nothing will be a problem.

Dogs and families – what are the benefits?

Dogs are known for being great companions, but what are the benefits to integrating them into families? According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pet ownership can improve mental health, including decreasing feelings of anxiety and depression. Additionally, having a dog can also increase physical activity and social interaction. Additionally, dogs can help reduce stress levels in families who have children with autism or other special needs. Finally, dogs provide emotional support and stability for families during difficult times.

Integrating your dog into your family

Bringing Your Dog Home

The first days of a dog's life are very important for its development when it arrives in a new home. So once you have chosen your dog, in addition to preparing the necessary equipment, you should also start making some plans. Of course, it's better to bring your dog home on a sunny day than a cloudy one, and it's best to bring your dog home in the morning so he can have a full day to familiarize himself with his new surroundings.

Don't feed your dog before you take him home. If the dog rides in the car, it is best to prepare a crate, or line the car with old newspapers or towels. If the sun is strong, you can use shade paper to prevent the car from overheating, and it is best to turn on the air conditioning in summer. In cooler conditions, dogs are relatively quiet and less likely to get carsick. Some motion sickness medication should be available, or ask your veterinarian to give your dog a little mild sedative. There should be large plastic bottles in the car to relieve the dog's thirst. If the journey is long, you should stop every two hours or so to allow your dog to urinate and defecate. Because dogs like to stick their heads out of the car window, be careful not to throw your dog out when you brake.

Teach your dog to remember its name

First, give your dog a clear, pleasant, catchy name that you use when you call him, whether you praise him, feed him, or criticize him. Try to start calling it by its name at a very young age. If it remembers its name, the name can be a useful command to get its attention.

Training can be done with treats or toys. The training method is to first use a snack or toy as bait and let it see it when its name is called, and it will naturally run over to it. It is important to note that different tones should be used in different situations. For example, when praising it, you can use a gentle tone, petting it and calling its name; when it makes a mistake, call its name in a stern tone.

If you are taking food, you can feed it directly and pet it with your hand to make it feel your friendliness. If you take a toy, you can first hold it in your hand and give it to play with it, don't let it grab it easily, but give it to it after playing with it a few times to make it feel accomplished. Keep calling its name while it is eating or playing, so that it will quickly run over when you call its name in about five days or so.

Basic Daily Care

Essentials Dogs may bark at night for the first few days after they arrive home. This is because he is a little uncomfortable being away from his mother and companions and needs to let off steam emotionally. We can try to ignore his barking and not to blame him too much, but to soothe him or keep him company. If he is unusually noisy, please take him out to play more during the day so that he will bark less at night due to fatigue.

In terms of diet, choose the right food for your dog. In terms of bathing, take your time to get used to it and help your dog dry off after bathing. Bathing should be timely, if you do not bathe for a long time, the dog may have fleas and other parasites, which is not conducive to the growth of the dog.

Puppies may sleep several times a day, sometimes playing and sleepy, this is a normal phenomenon, to help him clean up the nest to let him sleep on it. Don't ever think that your dog is sick.

Dogs in the process of growth, there will be a hair loss stage, this is a normal physiological phenomenon, do not stress, after a while will grow new hair.

Sometimes you will find that your dog has eye droppings, which is a dog on fire. This may be the daily diet of negligence, such as food with chili peppers, or more warm food, or may be the weather, etc., the owner needs to carefully observe and prescribe the right medicine.

In addition, do not give the dog to eat fish; summer dogs are also afraid of mosquito bites, please help your dog to do a good job of mosquito prevention measures.

Integrating your dog into your family

Take the dog to the kennel to sleep

Take the dog to get familiar with the home environment, take it to the toilet first, then put the toy with the smell of the bitch that you asked for back next to its crib, let it rest well and do not touch it.

You can judge the psychological situation of your dog by its sleeping position. Some dogs like to sleep under the table, this may be because there is too much space outside, making it feel insecure. Some dogs like to sleep with something on top of their backs, which is the dog's alert response to danger. Because dogs do not have eyes on their backs, they will feel fear for places they cannot see. Some dogs like to turn around a few times and then get down to sleep. It is not that the dog turns itself dizzy before it can sleep, but the ancestor of the dog - the original ancient gray wolf - used to step down the weeds first and step out of the shape of a nest before sleeping.

Ways to Avoid Dogs Barking Late at Night

Barking is a dog's way of communicating. There are many reasons for barking, usually the dog is scared, lonely and upset, wants to get the owner's attention, hears some kind of loud noise, is having some kind of fun, etc. When owners can understand why their dogs bark, they can control the barking.

Long walks and playtime during the day can quiet the dog at night. If the purpose of barking is to get the owner's attention, then he should be given some obedience training by putting on a collar and chain used in training. This way, it will stop barking when it gets your attention.

If it is a puppy barking in the middle of the night, it may not be quite adapted to the environment. Generally, after 2 to 3 days, it will gradually become familiar with and adapt to the new environment and stop barking in the middle of the night. In this case, don't reprimand him for barking, he may stop barking temporarily, but he becomes afraid of his master and distrustful of him.


Dogs add a lot of joy and love to our lives, but they can also be quite demanding. If you're looking for ways to integrate your dog into your family while still keeping them safe and healthy, read on for some helpful tips. By following these tips, you'll be able to keep your furry friend happy and content while still ensuring that everyone in the family is taken care of.

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