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How to brush and bathe your dog? | Dog Care | DogCare Online Store

How to brush and bathe your dog? | Dog Care

Everyone wants their long-haired dog to be flowing and beautiful, then you have to clean, groom and dress it regularly. The right way will make your dog look as comfortable as it is to touch, and these daily tasks also make your partnership with it closer.


1. How to groom your dog?

Regularly brushing your dog's coat not only brushes down its shedding but also stimulates blood flow to the skin and increases sebaceous gland production, making its coat clean and shiny. For people who have long-haired dogs, grooming the dog every day is an essential task.

Special combing tools for dogs include nylon, bristle, stainless steel, and wooden brushes, with the length of the teeth chosen according to the length of its coat. Do not use plastic or Plexiglas combs, as these can generate static electricity and make the dog feel uncomfortable. Show it the brush before combing, if it likes it you can also give it a moment to play with it so it won't be afraid when combing.

1. How to groom your dog?

When the dog can not see what we are doing, it will not resist, so the brush should start from the back of the dog, in the direction of the growth of the fur, combing from top to bottom, slowly, it will feel very comfortable, then you comb the front, it will be happy to accept. If you hurt him, he will never let you brush him again. If the hair is tangled together, hold the root of the hair with one hand and comb it with the other. Pay attention to the dog's head and abdomen, where the body hair is thin to use a soft-bristled brush, hard-bristled brushes can damage its skin.

Different breeds of dogs have different grooming methods. For short-haired breeds of dogs, steel combs to comb out the outer layer of hair, generally once a week can be; and for particularly short-haired dogs, as long as the towel for to wipe away the floating soil on the line; long-haired dogs can be based on the softness of its fur, to choose a comb, the specific combing method is a certain number of hair in the hand, from the root to the tip of the hair gently comb through, if the combing does not feel smooth, sprinkle some talcum powder on top or combing If you feel that the combing is not smooth, sprinkle some talcum powder or combing powder on it and then comb it again. During the combing process, carefully observe whether there are skin diseases or fleas and other parasites in the fur for early treatment.

When feeding the dog should not be combed, so that it does not comb down the remnants of hair to eat into the stomach, causing digestive diseases. Comb down the messy hair, to be removed in a timely manner, so as not to scatter with the wind and affect environmental health. Combing tools should be kept clean and disinfected regularly.

Generally, it is enough to brush the dog once a week and should be combed diligently in the spring when the hair changes. For long-haired dogs such as Pekingese, Shih Tzu, Afghan, Yorkshire, and Maltese, it is best to comb them daily in order to make them appear more flowing and shiny.


2. How to bathe your dog?

Some people love cleanliness and bathe their dogs almost every day. Doing so will wash away the natural oils on the dog's fur, making it fragile and dull, easy to shed, and the skin becomes sensitive. Usually, dogs kept indoors can be bathed once a month, short-haired breeds of dogs, often wipe the body, which can be a life without a bath.

Puppies within half a year of age are susceptible to cold and flu when bathing due to weak resistance, especially flat-nosed dogs like Pekinese, which can easily catch a cold and runny nose.

2. How to bathe your dog?

Some people give the dog a dry cleaning, that is, first sprayed on the dog's fur diluted more than 1000 times the conditioner or baby powder, and then combed from head to tail, the effect is also good.

Puppies are afraid of bathing, by the sandpiper is more afraid of water, therefore, before bathing to do a good job of preparation, the bath with things in front of you, including sponges, shampoo, and larger towels. First give the dog a comb, so that both the tangled fur is combed away to remove large pieces of dirt, and let it get used to the owner fiddling with its limbs.

Fill a basin with warm water and place the puppy in the water - exposing its head and neck. If it tries to break free, don't stop there, comfort it gently while quickly wetting its entire body. You can connect a hose with a nozzle to the faucet to rinse if you can. Dogs are better suited to showers, and when rinsing the head, the nozzle should be close to its body so that the sound of the water can reduce the frightening effect on it.

Once it is wet with water, squeeze the dog shampoo onto a sponge, rub out the foam, and then start at its tail and apply it against the hair and forward until it is coated all over. It is important to note that human bath products are not suitable for dogs. Don't forget to check that the water is at the right temperature when rinsing, and rinse in the opposite order of shampooing, starting with the head and ending with the tail. For a dog with pendulous ears, you can rinse directly from the top of its head, while a dog with standing ears should have both ears pressed down before rinsing, taking care not to let the water run into the dog's nose and eyes. Shampoo must be rinsed well, otherwise, the residual chemicals will irritate the skin and cause dermatitis.

Also, don't forget to wash your dog's anal glands, which are where waste accumulates and should be squeezed every time you bathe, otherwise, it will smell bad. When squeezing it will have slight pain, it does not matter, after washing it will be fine. If it is a male dog, it is also necessary to help him wash his penis, the hair in this area is longer and easily dirty.

After washing, wrap the head with a towel and dry the water as much as possible. Then blow into the dog's ears, it will flap its ears, shake the hair, and the water will be dispersed into the air. Do not put the puppy outside to dry after bathing, because the resistance of the puppy is very weak, a cold and a hot easy to catch a cold and lead to pneumonia. Long-haired dogs can be used hairdryers to dry their hair, pay attention to the hairdryer can not be too close to a high temperature will burn their skin. While blowing, keep combing its hair until it is dry. Don't leave out the armpits and inner femur, which are prone to skin diseases due to humidity.

Don't forget to reward him with a treat after all this is done!

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