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Dog Ownership Advice | Dog Selection

There are many different kinds of dogs and many different looks, and each dog breeder has its own different appreciation criteria. Some people like the tall and fierce Tibetan mastiff, some like the small and delicate Chihuahua, and the author likes the beautiful German wolfdog, like its erect ears and eyes full of confidence.

1. Have a big dog or a small dog?

If you want to build a deep relationship with your dog, then hold it home when it is young, usually, after the puppy is weaned, puppies are easy to develop good habits under the guidance of the owner. But puppies have poor living skills, you need to invest a lot of time and energy to take care of them, especially the newly weaned puppies are prone to illness, you also need to take them to the doctor often.

Adult dogs have a beautiful bodies, and shiny fur, those specially trained dogs will save you a lot of worries. But occasionally it will miss its former owner, a smart dog may pretend to be sick, and then escape, you have to keep a close watch while giving it more love, I believe it is able to change its mind.

Dog Selection

2. male or female dog?

Female dogs are docile and easy to train and train, if you like quiet, you should have a female dog. But when they come into heat will become temperamental, female dogs in heat almost twice a year, after the birth of puppies, the body also began to change, more hair loss, not as beautiful as in the past. Male dogs are lively and naughty, and physically strong, and their bodies and coats are more beautiful than those of female dogs, and they can stay that way for a long time. If you are not looking for a male dog to have a litter, it is better to have a male dog.

3. How to determine the age of the dog?

The age of a dog is mainly determined by the teeth and coat color. Puppies are born at about 20 days old when they start to grow mammary teeth; by 2 months old, mammary teeth are full-grown, thin, and sharp; at 10 months old, adult dogs can grow 42 permanent teeth, white and shiny, incisors are sharp and shiny, and they give off a cold light at night. Adult dogs to the age of 2 years when the lower jaw incisor tip is worn off; 3 to 4 years old, you can clearly see dental calculus and dirt, the upper and lower incisors are not pointed; about 6 years old, the amount of dental calculus has been quite a lot, the incisors are all worn; by the age of 7, 8 years old teeth began to loosen; 10 years old after the incomplete teeth, old age. In addition, the age of the dog can also be seen from its coat color, many breeds of dogs are born with a lot of changes in the coat color compared to the growth. 6 months before it is difficult to determine the color of its adult coat; puppies change hair until 5 years old, the whole body fur shiny and smooth; 6 to 7 years old, around the mouth began to appear white beard like whiskers, the coat also lost some luster; when it is old, the fur will become dry, black or brown hair Also become gray, especially the muzzle area, neck and around the ears of the hair color changes more. Of course, the above phenomenon will also vary depending on the breed of the dog and their health status.

4. How to buy a good dog?

When selecting a dog, the first thing to look at is its physical appearance. A healthy dog should stand with a beautiful, well-proportioned line, with upright limbs, a broad front chest, a contracted abdomen, and a full body of muscles, especially the hips and back, and solid and strong. The head can best show the characteristics of the dog, the eyes should be bright without eye droppings, the conjunctiva is pink; the nose is the best black dog, black flesh-colored or brown spotted worse, the tip of the nose to be more prominent than the mouth, and moist and lustrous, touching with the hand will feel a trace of coolness; the inner skin of the ear to pink is good, the ear canal is clean and odorless, the side of the head to fling the ear of the dog may have disease in the ear. Then touch the root of its ear to see if it is hot, you can also determine if the dog has a disease; in the mouth, the dental bed and tongue should be pink, the teeth are white, and the upper and lower teeth bite tightly together. Some breeds of dogs, such as Pekingese and Boxers, have teeth rows in the lower jaw that protrude slightly from those in the upper jaw, which is a characteristic of their breed, not a pathology.
Puppies from the same litter should be chosen not too big or too small, well-proportioned, and their backs should be stroked to be flat and straight.

Carp backs and concave backs are signs that the dog is sick. The fur should be soft and flexible, pay attention to whether there are hard knots. Then feel the dog's bones have no deformation, bending, throwing paper balls or toys in front of it to make it run and jump, and observe whether its movements are flexible, so that the limb bones can be seen if there are problems. Touch the dog's feet, footpads should be soft and not dry and cracked, the front foot is the key to determining the appearance of the dog, toes very much like a rabbit is the most ideal. From the back, the dog's hind feet should be upright and parallel, if X-shaped like a cow's leg, there will be resistance to running; the O-shaped legs of the dog walking are unstable, and the two feet being too far apart is not ideal. Buy a dog also depends on whether it likes to approach people, do not choose a nervous dog.

Seeing people wagging their tails is a dog with an easy-going personality; show aversion to human touch, cowering,s or always wanting to bite, it may be a nervous dog. When observing a small dog, you can put it on the counter, if it lies meekly, it is a good dog; if it has defiant behavior, run away or urinate, it is not a good dog, it is difficult to change its temperament in the future, and, this kind of puppy has low intelligence and is not easy to train.
In addition, do not buy a puppy that is obviously an extroverted, aggressive orbiting companion, because it will bring a lot of trouble to the owner when it grows up.

Dog Selection

5. What should I consider when adopting a dog?

People often sympathize with stray dogs, but know that bringing such a dog into human family life is much harder than adopting a puppy, because you don't know its past. Many stray dogs seem happy when they have a home, but they never forget their early life memories and their temperament may be somewhat cruel or cold.

The staff at the adoption shelter may say the dog is well behaved because they are dog training experts and can easily get him into submission. If they assure you that the dog is perfectly safe, you should also be aware of any previous mistakes it has made in order to prevent it from doing so again in the future.

Adopted dogs are more likely to fight with other dogs, bully kittens, and run away from home. Don't leave him alone with the children, because you can't know what will happen. Many adopted dogs will be very happy to be family pets and enjoy the comforts and warmth of home; however, some dogs are so wild and untamed that they may never fit into human family life.

6. What breed of dog to buy?

Each breed of dog has its advantages and disadvantages, dog owners should choose according to their family situation and housing conditions, which also relates to family members and dogs, whether they can feel comfortable and happy with each other. If you live in a building, housing area and small, you should choose a lively and lovely small play dog; if you want to have a dog to guard the home, you should choose a fierce and strong medium or large dog; if you are busy with business, do not have the kind of long-haired dogs that require frequent grooming and cleaning.

With a purebred dog, with many documents and pedigree certificates, you can learn its appearance, feeding situation, vaccination records, and temperament, which will help you a lot in future domestication. But purebred dogs are more expensive and difficult to raise because to ensure its "pure", you have to inbreed, which leads to the phenomenon of purebred dogs are weak; crossbreed dogs, generally more intelligent, and not easy to get genetic diseases, the price is also cheap, even if there are some defects in personality, you just need to give more time and patience to train, it can also become your Even if there are some defects in personality, you just need to give more time and patience to train, it can become your loyal friend.

Buy a dog is not the more expensive the better, it is recommended that those who just keep for fun, there is no need to buy expensive dogs because the best dog breed does not become a very good dog after careful training and care.
The temperament of the dog is also important, want to have a dog to see the family, you can not pick the naive St. Bernard; for people who like quiet, you can not have a lively and barking small dog. So you need to understand the characteristics of each breed of dog first, so you won't regret choosing the wrong one.

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