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Dog Health Management Guide

Dog health is something people worry about when purchasing, training, and taking care of them. It is quite natural to have concerns if you are new to a dog It is quite natural to have some concerns if you are new to dog ownership but if you know the basics, you'll find out that most of the worries are unnecessary. Of course, dog health management guides should give you lots of information if you want to know more about this fascinating There are a number of articles that might help people who don't have any experience with dogs.

How do obese dogs lose weight?

Today, the standard of living of dogs has improved, they eat delicious delicacies, and some of them even pick meat in their food or eat only pasta without rice, so there are many obese dogs in the city. Although fat can store energy and maintain body temperature, too much of it can lead to heart disease and also add a great burden to the liver, leading to a reduction in its life expectancy. An obese dog is one that weighs more than 10% of the standard weight for the breed. To check if your dog is obese you can run your hand from head to toe, if you feel fat on the sides of the body, around the neck, and at the root of the tail, it is time to lose weight.

How do obese dogs lose weight

Most dogs are too obese because they eat too much starchy or fatty food and, of course, because of lack of exercise. The best way to lose weight is to change the type of food and try to use brown rice - rice that has not been finely processed - as a staple food, or coarse grains such as cornmeal. Feed twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, the amount of food should be reduced, and do not eat indiscriminately at other times. Also, constipation can cause obesity. Adding some fiber-rich vegetables to the dog's diet can be laxative and also help reduce fat.

It should be noted that, except for diabetes and morbid obesity, the calories in dog food must not be drastically reduced, otherwise it will be anemic or have nutritional disorders.

What should I pay attention to when feeding my dog in winter?

In winter, the cold weather consumes a lot of heat in the dog's body, so it is necessary to improve the calories in the food given to it, and food with high-fat content can quickly replenish the calories. But pay attention to the proportion of fat in the food. Generally, medium-sized dogs need about 8 to 10 kJ of calories to maintain their strength, while small dogs or puppies need a little more.

Dogs naturally do not like to eat hot food, but if you feed it a cold and hard meal on a cold day, it is not very comfortable. Giving it a little heat can avoid causing gastrointestinal dysfunction. In order to save time and effort, you should choose a more satiety-resistant food to feed your dog in winter, that is food with high protein content, such as animal meat and offal.

What should I pay attention to when feeding my dog in summer?

In the hot summer, food is prone to spoilage, so the food prepared for your dog in summer should be kept fresh and hygienic, and it is best to feed it now. If you don't have time, it's okay to refrigerate its food, but make sure to heat it up when you give it to eat. Leftover food from each meal should be promptly dumped and cleaned in the bowl to prevent contamination by flies. Feeding time should be chosen in the morning or evening when the weather is cooler and when it still has more appetite.

In addition, water enhances the body's metabolism, and drinking more water in summer can keep the dog's appetite strong. Attention should also be paid to the quality of food in summer. In order to keep the dog in good shape, it should be given more food high in protein, such as fresh fish or meat. If you feed your dog food with high-fat content, as you do in winter, you will not be able to satisfy its excessive stamina due to its accelerated metabolism; it will also suffer from itchiness or other skin diseases all over its body due to consuming too much fat.

How do let older dogs live in peace?

Large dogs become senior dogs at the age of seven or eight, with their coats turning gray or white and their skin becoming dry. Most older dogs become fat and stupid due to reduced exercise, so pay attention to control the amount of food, feed it more food containing vitamins, do not give it to eat animal offal, those things contain too much fat; there are also old dogs, due to the decline of kidney function, but thin. It should be fed more dairy foods, these foods contain good protein, and are easy to digest and absorb, is the most ideal food for older dogs.

How do let older dogs live in peace

Older dogs should be appropriate to reduce their activities, sleep should be increased. For many years has formed eating, sleeping, and activity habits, but also continue to implement, do not destroy their normal life. As a dog ages, its digestive system weakens, which requires eating smaller and more frequent meals and making sure the food temperature is not too cold or too hot. Older dogs may suffer from cervical spondylosis and have difficulty lowering their heads when eating, which requires providing convenience by placing the food utensils higher. The old dog's vision and hearing have declined and its reaction is slow. As an owner, it is best to direct it with petting or hand signals, not to shout at it or force it to have fun, and let it spend its old age in peace.

How to feed a sick dog?

If your dog is sick, what it needs most is to replenish protein, vitamins, and inorganic salts, you can feed it some egg yolks, refined meat, etc. The food prepared by the owner should not only be easy to digest and nutritious, but also very tasty. If its body temperature is too high, saliva is reduced, dry mouth, chewing and swallowing food is difficult, then it should be given liquid or paste food, and at the same time provide sufficient water.

Dogs with gastrointestinal diseases, especially when it vomits and have diarrhea, will lose a lot of water, and should be promptly hydrated. The food should also be supplemented with vitamin B. Stop feeding indigestible foods as well as fatty foods. For a dog with severe vomiting, feed it only distilled water for 24 hours, or add some glucose to the water; if you give it milk to drink at this time, it will be worse. For a dog with poor nutrition or a thin body, chicken liver is its preferred food.

If a dog suffers from the stone disease, it is mostly due to a single variety of food. He is an omnivore, and the more he eats, the healthier he is.

The key, however, is to keep your eye out for the signs of trouble. The dog health management guide in this article can get you started. If you love your pet and want to ensure that it is around for a long time, then follow this simple guide and get started on managing its That way, your pet will be happy, healthy, and with you for a lot longer. 

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