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Dog Breeds and Differences|Adoption Advice

In order to make it easier for dog owners to choose a dog, the appearance and personality characteristics of common breeds of dogs are depicted as follows.

1. Poodle: can also be called poodle, bright appearance, elegant temperament, long thin head, low ear roots, and eyes at the same level, large ears wide and long, drooping forward, apricot eyes, cheeks lean.


The neck is long and high up, the chest is wide and the back is short, the shoulders are high, the body is square, the feet are thick and the heels are low. The fur is dense and curly, rough to the touch, the coat color is pure white, brown, apricot yellow, blue, black or silver and other single colors, pure white is more popular in China, you can trim its head, waist, back and tail hair to wear gloves, wearing boots like a noblewoman. The Poodle is smart and lively and can learn to dance, making it a very suitable family pet. Standard height: 38 cm or more, 45 cm or less; weight 22 kg. Miniature Poodle, height 28 to 38 cm. Toy Poodle, preferably around 26 cm in height.

2. Afghan Hound: also known as Afghan Tee, clear eyebrows, long neck, large and drooping ears, low ear roots, shiny silky fur all over the body, fawn, red, white, and gray, and many other colors, crown hair on the top of the head, long and dense hair on the sides and hind legs, decorative hair on the ears and tail, and long hair covering the feet. The limbs are long and slender, but strong and powerful. Good at running, elegant body, long hair floating. Adaptable, hardy, calm, tame to its owner, and suspicious of strangers. The disadvantage is that it is somewhat stubborn and has poor learning ability, and is prone to biting out of shyness or fear. Caution: Because of the dog's rich coat and poor breathability, attention should be paid to heat protection and cooling when out for walks in summer. Standard height is 63 to 74 cm and weight is 25 to 33 kg.

3. St. Bernard: Originally from Switzerland, it is the largest breed among large dogs. The skull is wide and prominent, with small dark brown eyes, a short and wide mouth, a long hanging upper lip, and wide and softly hanging ears.

The fur under the neck is loose and wrinkled and sags a bit, the back is thick, the chest and belly are wide, the fur is soft and somewhat curly, and the color is reddish-brown with markings, orange or red with white on the head, chest, limbs and tail end. The bones of the limbs are strong and powerful, the tail is thick and long and drooping, the tail hair is dense, and the tail tip is curled. Easy-going temperament, not angry by children's play, is a good family dog. Height 75 to 85 cm, weight 80 to 90 kg.

4. Pug: commonly known as "pug", some people call it "ax dog", a small dog, native to Tibet, China, now widely bred in the United Kingdom and the United States, China is rare.

The head is large and round, and the face is like a black mask with many wrinkles on the forehead, mouth, and neck. The eyes are bright, large and round, and slightly prominent. The muzzle of the nose is short and slightly curved upward. The mouth is large with thick lips and often makes a "snorting and snorting" sound. The lower jaw incisors are protruding and clenched. The ears are thin and small and hang forward in a V-shape. The body is short and fat and wobbly when walking. The fur is short and soft, and the colors are silvery-white, black, yellowish-brown, and apricot yellow. The muzzle, forehead, ears, and backline are black and the tail is curled toward the hips, with double curls being the best. The dog is not very clean-looking, but it loves its owner and is pampered, so it is well-loved by older women. The standard height is 35cm and the weight is 6-8kg.

5. Pomeranian: Native to the cold Arctic. Healthy and lively, with a large squirrel-like tail, so also known as the squirrel dog. The fur is as gorgeous as a fox, so some people also call it a fox dog. The head is wedge-shaped, so small that it seems to shrink into the fur, the muzzle is pointed, the nose is the same color as the fur, the ears are small and erect, covered with soft fur, and the small black eyes look intelligent and clever.

The neck is short, with a full mane, the body is short and compact, the belly is broad, the fur is long and straight, mostly orange, there are teal, cream, black, and other bright colors, and the tail hair is long and dense, the tail is curled on the back. The tail is long and dense, and the tail is curled on the back. The toes are small and tight, and they stand on their toes. Alert and clever, love cleanliness, and obedient to their owners. However, some are nervous, often barking at strangers for no reason, and when taming they can not indulge it, so as not to make it develop bad habits. The gorgeous fur needs frequent trimming and grooming, not suitable for busy people. Weight: male 1. 8 to 2 kg, female 2 to 2. 5 kg; standard height: 20 to 36 cm.

6. Great Dane: Originally from Germany. It is a super large dog, with a high and long body, well-defined, narrow skull, a concave line in the middle, wide mouth, large nostrils, pointed and long ears, bent forward, and trimmed ears erect. The neck is stout and a bit long, the fur is short and dense, the color is mustard, black, white with navy veins on a white background or marbled, the color is darker and more popular. The limbs are long and strong, the toes are tight and bulging, the tail is long and thin, and the back is in a straight line when running. This dog is very aggressive but loyal to the owner, and patient. Standard weight: male dog 60 to 75 kg, female dog 45 to 68 kg; height male dog 76 cm or more, female dog 71 cm or less.

7. Akita dog: belongs the large dog, native to Japan. Once used as a fighting dog, with a sturdy physique. The head is wedge-shaped, with a shallow groove on the forehead, a slightly longer black nose, a white Akita nose is liver-colored, small ears, inverted V-shaped.

The coat is stiff and straight on the upper back, soft and dense on the lower abdomen, with taut skin, white, orange, black, brown, and tiger stripes, and a thick tail that curls toward the back. Smart and intelligent, good at understanding the owner's mood, is a good family dog and guard dog. Standard height 57 to 71 cm, weight 35 to 45 kg.

8. Bull Terrier: native to England. Strong as a bull, powerful, also known as "bulldog". Ugly, broad, and square head, wrinkled face, prominent jaws, short black muzzle, extremely short nose, often snoring due to breathing difficulties, small and thin ears, like a rose petal.

The fur is short and dense, flat and close to the body, and the fur color is pure white, tan, pure red, or tiger spot color. The body is large in the front and small in the back, the neck is short and thick, the loose skin forms folds, the chest is broad, the shoulder muscles are thick and developed, the front legs are bowed, and the limbs are stout, and the tail is short and spiral. The dog is steady and silent, bold and resourceful, and will fight to protect the owner's life and property; although it looks intimidating, it is actually gentle and very tolerant of children and is a loyal family dog. Height 48 to 58 cm, weight 18 to 25 kg.

9. German Shepherd: also called wolf dog or "black back", native to Germany. Handsome shape, wedge-shaped head, a large proportion of the body, apricot eyes full of confidence, the end of the nose black and bright, ears erect (puppies under 6 months of age ears are hanging down).

The short fur is straight and hard, like a brush, and the gray color is more like a wolf, with a broad chest and a straight back that slopes downward in the rear quarter. The forelimbs are straight and the hind legs are wide and strong. The tail resembles a brush, with a low tail root, which is slightly lifted upward when running. They are smart and alert, and can be trained to do police work such as tracking, as well as guide the blind, shepherding, and many other jobs, and are loyal to their duties, and are known as "all-purpose working dogs", and are also popular family pets. Ideal height: male 63 cm, female 58 cm; weight 30 to 40 kg.

10. Dalmatian: also called the Spotted Dog, native to the Dalmatian region of Yugoslavia. Robust body. The head is long, with a shallow groove at the top, high and soft ears, and a long mouth with thin lips. The fur is short and hard, glossy, white at birth, gradually appearing some small spots, after growing up, the spots become black and round, there is also pig liver-colored, this dot is the unique sign of this dog. The tail root is high, the tail is like a whip, thick in front and thin at the back.

This dog is smart, energetic, good at running, and has endurance. The dog likes to be close to people by nature and is suitable as a companion dog. Ideal height: male dog 55 to 66 cm, female dog 50 to 55 cm; weight 15 to 25 kg.

11. Butterfly dog: also called Babylonian dog, native to Spain. Small head, with obvious markings, round nose, pointed mouth, round and large ears, long on both sides of the small head, like the spread of the wings of the butterfly.

The body is small and delicate, the hair is long and smooth like silk covering the body, and some are slightly wavy. The coat color is red and white, black and white, white and ruby, etc. The hind legs are thin and decorated with hair. The feet are long and slender, and the toes are very bulbous and covered with fine hairs. The tail is long and curved towards the back, with feather-like decorative hairs. Characteristically active likes to be close to people, physically stronger than he looks, and loves sports. Jealous and reluctant to have other small animals near their owners. The standard height is 20 to 28 cm. Weight: 4 to 5 kg for male dogs and no more than 4 kg for female dogs.

12. Cocker Spaniel: There are two kinds of English Cocker Spaniel and American Cocker Spaniel. English Cocker Spaniel has a round head, clear facial outline, wide muzzle, long straight nose, wide and drooping ears, low ear roots, apricot eyes, and a glowing look. The fur is long, non-curly, fine, and soft like silk, with long decorative hairs on the ears, chest, abdomen, limbs, and various monochromatic hairs.

The dog is bold and lively, moving lightly, warm and friendly to people, and suitable for play dogs. Height: 36-38 cm for male dogs and 34-36 cm for female dogs; weight: 10-13 kg. The American Cocker Spaniel, introduced from England, has been improved into a more petite dog, with a height of 30 to 40 cm and a weight of 7 to 10 kg. The head hair is short and round, with large nostrils, wide mouth, drooping upper lip, soft ear roots, large ears hanging down, long corrugated hair on the body, and silk-like decorative hair in the ears, chest, lower abdomen, and limbs. This dog is warm and sweet, obedient to its owner, likes children and women, and can be used as a pleasure and companion dog. The disadvantages are that they like to bark, are prone to urinate and defecate anywhere, are possessive of their owners, and have poor vigilance.

13. Dachshund: Originally from Germany. The body is long and slender, with short legs, twice as long as its height, and walks like a crawler. Muscular, good at burrowing. The fur is smooth, wavy, and long-haired. The smooth fur is hard to the touch but shiny; the wavy fur is long and wire-like; the long-haired fur is softer and has black, fawn, and red. The head is long, the lips are wide, and the ears are wide and long hanging. The tail is short and curved upward, with bulging front feet and slightly smaller hind feet. Characterized by high energy, love to play and love to bark, don't look at it dog small, barking can be big, and loyal to the master, suitable for watchdog. The disadvantage is stubbornness, when locked up alone in the house, may destroy things. In addition, this dog is prone to bone spurs and obesity, so let it exercise more, but because of its special body shape, some sports can not do, such as jumping and rolling, up and down the stairs, prone to spinal misalignment and other problems. In addition, more effort should be made into nutrition, over-eating will lead to obesity. Standard height: 12 to 23 cm, standard weight 7 to 12 kg. The weight of a miniature dog is 3 to 5 kg, and the weight of a playful dog is under 3 kg.

14. Reintel: belongs to large dogs. Affectionate and friendly to children, it is the best family pet. Long head, wide between the ears, ears folded back, small and thin, oval-shaped eyes shining with intelligence. The back is strong, the chest is broad, and the belly is curved like a bow, strong and powerful. The fur is fine and close-fitting, with black, white, red, mustard, pale fawn, blue, and a mixture of white and any color. The limbs are long and powerful, with muscular thighs and very fast running speed. The toes are long and tightly pointed, with bulging joints, like rabbit feet. The tail is long and slender, with a slightly curved tail end. Height: male dogs 71-78 cm, female dogs 69-71 cm; weight 27-32 kg.

15. Boxer: Originally from Germany, medium-sized dog. It got its name because it often raises its front feet like a boxer when it fights. The face is black, the muzzle is square, the ear roots are high, the ear tips droop and can be made to stand up after surgery, and the teeth are lower jaw incisors protruding from the bite. The fur is short, coarse, and smooth, close to the skin, with light yellow, tawny, and tiger-spot color, the chest and toe tips are white best. This dog is both brave and combative, but also cautious, fierce to strangers, but good for the family children, after training can be competent to watch the house, and guide the work of the blind. It is docile to its owner, likes to play, and can be used as a companion dog. The standard height of a male is 57-63 cm, a female is 53-58 cm; the weight of the male is 30-32 kg, female is 24-25 kg. 19. Pine Lions: with a lion-like proud and powerful appearance, some look a little like a small bear, also known as the "bear lion dog". The top of the head is flat, with small eyes with apricot kernels. The triangular ears are erect and open forward. The tongue is flat and short, blue-black. The body is muscular, with a thick chest and short, strong loin. The fur is dense and erect, with black, blue, cream, white, red, light yellowish-brown, silvery gray, etc. The hairs on the back of the thighs and the lower part of the tail are lighter. The tail is thick and curled towards the back, and the feet are small and round. The personality is aloof and introverted, silent, and will not incur the wrath of the neighbors for barking. It is loyal and close to its owner. Despite its fierce appearance, it does not fight at will. Standard height: male 48 to 56 cm, female 46 to 51 cm.

16. Sandpiper: is a medium-sized dog inside the medium-sized, one of the world's most valuable breeds. It eats less and does not need daily exercise, most suitable for raising inside high buildings. Gentle temperament, like to be close to people because there is not easy to be bitten wrinkled skin, so often win when fighting with other dogs. The head is large and flat, the forehead and mouth are wide, and the cheeks have wrinkles like those of an old man. The small triangular eyes are hidden in the folds of the skin and the ears are small like they are attached to the head. The tongue of a sandpiper is preferably purple or spotted. The dense coat is short and stiff and comes in seven colors: black, earth, white, red, gray, cheese, and chocolate. Some sandpipers are born black, but slowly turn gray, due to the sun. The earth color is the most common color, born with a little red, and grows to be very "earthy". The white sandpiper's ears are earthy, his nose is red brick, and his tongue is purple. The limbs are muscular, the front limbs are straight, and the hind limbs are at a wide-angle to the body. Sandpipers are prone to skin diseases because their naturally wrinkled skin is not easy to clean, and they are afraid of heat in summer, so they have to be given cold air conditioning; their wrinkled eyelids tend to make their eyelashes grow backward and must be treated promptly, otherwise, they will suffer from eye disease and go blind. They are afraid of water by nature and do not take him swimming. Raising a sandpiper dog must not be kept at the same time as a cat. Standard height male dog 46 to 51 cm, female dog 41 to 46 cm; weight of male dog 20 to 25 kg, female dog 16 to 20 kg.

17. Heeler Shepherd: also known as the Scottish Shepherd, with a high, wedge-shaped head, oval eyes not too big and not too small, high ear roots, semi-erect ears with decorative hair, and a long, thin nose. Slender limbs, but muscular, solid bones, thick, long and straight fur, neck and chest ornamental hair is rich, the coat color is yellowish, black and white and brown, the coat needs frequent brushing. The coat needs frequent brushing. It is lively and affectionate, loyal to the master, but controlling, some love to bark. It is best to develop an easy-going personality from a young age to prevent biting when you grow up. Good learning ability, after training, will be a good watchdog. Height: 32 to 40 cm, weight: 6 to 7 kg.

Heeler Shepherd

18. Doberman Pinscher: beautiful and sturdy, eyes full of wisdom, short and dense fur, shiny, black and dark brown in color. Male dogs are robust, and impulsive, and need a little strength to tame the male owner, but training should not lack patience or often scare it, otherwise, there will be aggressive behavior in the future. Female dogs are much quieter and more affectionate to their owners, but also do not lack vigilance.

19. Chinese Crested: also called the naked dog, native to southern China, belongs to the small dog. The eyes are large and almond-shaped, with soft eyes, a long mouth, a nose that looks like a mosaic, and erect ears. A closer look at the skin has short, pink, or white hairs and long trimmed hairs on the head. Although it does not have a favorite fur, it has a quiet, clean personality and moves gracefully. He can also use his paws to pick up small objects and hand them to his owner, making him a great play dog. Standard height is 23 to 32 cm and weight is 3 to 5 kg.

20. Maltese: Also called the Maltese, native to the island of Malta. The head is slightly round, the eyes are somewhat prominent, the nose is short, the tip of the nose is slightly cocked and black, the lips have whiskers, the ears droop, and there is a long decorative coat. The body is long and wide, the limbs are short with decorative hairs, the toes are round and the tail also has dense long decorative hairs. The coat is long over the feet, long hanging ground, hair quality like silk, charming and moving, the whole body snow-white, no miscellaneous color for the best, but in the ear area has yellowish patches or the body has sparse lemon-colored long hair is not surprising. Smart and elegant, like to be close to people, loved by the elderly and children, a life expectancy of up to 18 years, widely bred in the world. Standard height is 21 to 25 cm for males and 20 to 23 cm for females; weight 3 to 4 kg.

21. Labrador Retriever: also called Labrador Bloodhound, native to England. Wide head, decent features, moderate size, with yellow, black, and chocolate fur, short and soft, smooth enough not to need frequent grooming for it. The tail is long and lifted upward, but does not exceed the backline. The dog has a high IQ and is docile and easy to train, making it a good guide dog as well as a working dog. Height: 55 to 65 cm, weight 25 to 35 kg.

22. Alaskan Sled Dog: Originally from Alaska, USA. As the name suggests it is active in the snow and ice and used to pull the sled dog. The head is small, the nose is short and flat, the ears are hard, and the ears are small and erect in a triangular shape. The body is sturdy, the neck is thick, the back is straight, the limbs are short and thick, the body hair is thick and thick, the waterproof performance is good, the colors are blue, black, and gray, and the face, limbs and lower abdomen are white. This dog is hardy, has the spirit of hardship, likes to act collectively, and has made significant contributions to human Antarctic exploration. Weight 45 to 55 kg, height 58 to 63 cm.

23. Golden Retriever: Also called Golden Retriever, native to England. The head is round, the muzzle is short, the two ears droop, the body is stout, the whole body fur is golden, and the chest, axilla, and tail root of the hair is especially rich, but the head hair is short. The dog is brave and intelligent, good at swimming, can do water work, and can be used as a hunting dog, guide dog, etc. Height 50 to 60 cm, weight 27 to 36 kg.

24. Whippet: also called the whippet or whippet, native to England. Thin head, small, thin, and soft ears, slightly arched neck in a streamlined shape. The body is long and somewhat arched, with taut, muscular skin and a short, dense coat of red, light brown, blue, amber, black, and mixed colors. The dog is intelligent, energetic, and has a long life span; it has deep feelings for its owner and is easy to train. Be careful not to feed too much to avoid body obesity. Standard height: male dog 47-55 cm, female dog 45-52 cm; weight: male dog 8-12 kg, female dog 5-9 kg.

25. Yorkshire: also known as Yorkshire Ti, native to the United Kingdom. Short in stature, second only to the Chihuahua. Silk-like long hair hanging to the ground, with the temperament of a noble lady. Small flat head, small ears in the shape of an inverted V. Its coat changes with age, black in puppies, gradually turning blue, iron blue in adulthood, dark brown in the limbs, and golden in the head.

26. Curly-haired Bichon Frise: native to France. The head is large and the body is small, the head has abundant fluffy hair, the eyes are large, there is a concave arc under the eyes, the muzzle is relatively wide and prominent, the ears are thin, and pendulous, covered by the long hair on the head. The waist is stout, the hind legs are inclined, and the four feet are arched like cat feet. The coat is white or almond in color and may have some gray hairs at the ears. This dog has a noble temperament, lively and lovely, and exaggerated movements are the characteristics of this breed. Height: 23 to 30 cm, weight 5 to 6 kg.

Curly-haired Bichon Frise

27. Universal Terrier: Native to England. The head is moderately sized, rectangular, with a blunt nose, a wide mouth with whisker-like trimmed hair, moderately sized ears, and semi-erect. The tail is short and erect upwards. The coat has a sheep-like texture, is dense and close to the skin, and is dark brown in color, with a black back. The common characteristic of terriers is that they are active, good at burrowing, and good at catching mice. However, they are docile and tame and are suitable for use as pleasure dogs.

28. Boston Terrier: Native to the United States. The head is wide and flat, with white forehead markings up to the muzzle, wide spacing between the ears, slightly higher ear roots, strong neck muscles, deep chest, short body, two upright front legs, cat-shaped feet, and low tail.

29. Chihuahua: also known as Chihuahua, is the smallest dog in the small breed, round and elegant head, smooth and contoured face, narrow nose, wide ears, and large and round eyes. The body has a flat back, a broad and rounded chest, and slender and straight limbs. The coat is light, the feet are small and slender, the toes are clearly separated, the tail is moderately long, and the tail root is raised high. It can be divided into two varieties of long hair and short hair: short hair Chihuahua fur is short and lustrous, close and soft; long hair Chihuahua in addition to the back hair is rich, like the short hair species easy to shiver, do not think it is a cold Oh! Do not look at it small and delicate, but not timid, but also has a large dog hunting and precautionary sense. But because the size is too small, fragile bones, easy to be accidentally injured, should avoid strenuous exercise or fall from a height. Extroverted personality and very smart can learn many tricks. The disadvantage is that if they lack contact with people or other animals during the early years, often become very aggressive or nervous. The smaller the size the better, 15 to 21 cm in height and no more than 2.7 kg in weight.

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