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Common dog training methods

Hunting dog group / Afghan Hound

The concentration-time of Afghan hounds is much shorter than that of other dogs. Each training should not exceed 15 minutes at most. There can be two training sessions a day. If you and Afghan dogs can't concentrate, don't carry out training activities; Dogs are best trained when hungry because they are alert and most responsive to food rewards. Dogs eat two meals a day, and pre-meal is a good opportunity for training. Although biscuits are a good price, they should not be rewarded with too delicious. Otherwise, the dog pays attention to food rather than training. Some dogs like noisy toys very much, but if the dog takes them away, don't use this kind of toy; After some time, food and physical rewards should be reduced, but verbal encouragement should be maintained so that the dog can quickly respond verbal praise.

Common dog training methods

Hunting dog group / Beagle

The training of beagle dogs must start from the puppies and be in charge by a specially assigned person. It is not allowed to change the dog owner halfway. If you change the head coach of the dog halfway, it isn't easy to succeed. You can't keep it for two days and let him play. This will certainly distract the puppy's energy and seriously affect the improvement of hunting ability. If the puppy is used as a plaything, it can only be a dog for you to play with when it grows up. The primary training of beagle puppies can be carried out in the hunter's living area, such as a wide courtyard, free land outside the village, a rural threshing field, etc. The real action training must be carried out in the mountain forest. Only through hunting ground training can we fully explore the hunting ability of hounds and train puppies to learn to track, search, hunt, attack, pick up prey, and correct behaviors that do not meet the hunting requirements. The more the puppies participate in real hunting training, the better their hunting ability. Therefore, they should often take the puppies for training and hunting.

The basic method of training checkered dogs is encouragement and coercion. Encourage the development of their hunting movements and forcibly correct their behaviors that do not meet the hunting requirements. Therefore, encouragement and compulsion should be taken as the basic method of training hounds. Among them, the means of encouragement include luring: when the puppy completes an action, the hunter should give meat as encouragement in time; When the puppy is timid and dares not go into the water to pick up, the hunter will drag the puppy into the water. When training puppies with encouragement and coercion, the hunter must be gentle and can't kick and beat the puppies at will. When the puppy's behavior does not meet the hunting requirements, the hunter should force it to correct its wrong actions and patiently teach it the predetermined hunting actions. It must not be indulgent or indulgent. Otherwise, it will leave bad problems for the puppy and affect its future hunting. Because hounds only have certain primary experience and the ability to control their behavior, it is wrong to compare these behaviors of hounds with human thought and behavior. Therefore, we can't make unrealistic requirements for hounds.

Hunting dog group / Webber

The primary training of whispers starts from the second month after the puppy's birth. During this period, the brain nerve of the puppy has begun to develop. Through training, the developing brain nerve of the puppy can form the conditioned reflex required for hunting. Six to eight months is the fastest period of high-level nerve development in puppies, and it is also the best training period. Ten months later, the development of the Hound has matured, and its hunting performance has been determined, so it isn't easy to retrain. To this end, the puppy should start weaning in two months, bring it back and feed alone. At the same time, give it a simple and loud name, such as "noisy," "little tiger," "sunspot," and so on. The owner calls at any time so that the brain nerve that the puppy begins to develop can firmly remember its name. At each feeding time, the owner should call the puppy's name to develop the good habit of obeying orders and coming as soon as he calls. We should often call with the whistle to make the puppies develop the conditioned reflex when they hear the whistle. This kind of training is very important for mountain hunting in the future.

Common dog training methods

Hunting dog group / fine Chinese dog

Chinese fine dogs are very affectionate to people and are willing to follow their owners. Therefore, it is easier to train puppies to follow their owners. They can begin to use food to lure them and gradually love to follow their owners without food temptation. However, it must be done through repeated training to enable the puppy to follow closely behind the owner without running around. After the first practice, the puppy is novel about the things around him. Sometimes he will run to smell and watch. The owner should call him back immediately. If necessary, take compulsory measures to train the puppy to follow with the rope. After getting used to it, cancel the rope and train the Hound to have a good habit of walking around the owner. Autumn without snow is the best season for training puppies to find their tracks. The owner takes the puppies to the hunting ground for on-site training. The hunting ground should be selected where there are not many rabbits. If there are too many wild animals, they will be constantly startled, and their tracks will be chaotic and not conducive to training. When a hare is startled during training, the owner will take the Hound to chase it after the hare escapes. Sometimes, when the Hound is stuck at a distance, it can find the lost dog again. If the puppy cannot be found, the owner should give appropriate help; Or the owner finds the rabbit trace, points it out to the Hound, and then orders the Hound to continue to follow the trace to find the rabbit; Keep the dog out of the ring or coax the dog to find the dog again. In any case, you can't ask the puppy to give up the trail of this rabbit and chase another rabbit, which will make the puppy develop the bad habit of missing.

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