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Common dog training methods

Sports dog group / Boeing dachshund

The Boeing dachshund carries out adaptability training with a sounder, which can exercise the physique and courage of the Boeing dachshund, eliminate its fear of various strange environments, and improve its adaptability, to ensure that its normal behavior and the master's command are not affected. In the initial training, the sound volume should be lower, and the sound source is about 50 ~ 100 meters away from the dog to avoid timidity and negative defense reflex. The training assistants can use the methods of whipping, beating gongs and drums, setting off firecrackers, firing guns, etc. At the same time, the owner should pat and reward the dog with a "good" password or give the dog food to distract the dog's attention from the sound and gradually eliminate the dog's discomfort with the sound. In the future, the distance between the sound source and the dog can be gradually shortened according to the dog's adaptability to the sound. The training times should not be too many each time. It can be trained once a day. In the middle training stage, the master shall hold the dog's traction belt, and the trainer can use the starting gun, loud firecrackers, and firecrackers as the sound source at the place 20 ~ 30 meters away from the dog. According to the dog's adaptability to the sound in the first stage, the volume can be appropriately increased, and the sound can be made continuously. If the dog barks actively and normally, the trainer shall give a pat and reward in time. Gradually shorten the distance between the dog and the sound source, and finally get close to the sound source normally without timidity.

Common dog training methods

In the sudden training of dogs to sound, it should be gradually improved from far to near according to the adaptability of dogs to sound or through random training. When the dog can adapt to sound during the day, it can gradually transition to night training to enhance its ability to adapt to the environment all day. At this stage, the training process can be interspersed with taking the dog to stations, roads, downtown, and other places to exercise the dog to adapt to the complex environment to enhance the universality of good adaptation. What we should pay attention to in training Boeing Da dogs is that the person who makes the sound should be others in the proper training. The owner must not make a sound suddenly in front of the dog to make the dog fear and distrust the owner. In addition, the distance of sound should be from far to near, from weak to strong, and the types of sound should be diversified as much as possible. Using sudden and strong sounds to train when the host is not at the training site is strictly prohibited.

Spaniel Sport Group

Because the Spaniel has its behavioral characteristics, its obedience training methods are also different. The trainer should first adjust the excitement and attention of the dog. Let the dog focus on the items in the trainer's hand. When the dog is accompanied by objects and the dog trainer's command, it should be rewarded in time, especially in the early stage of training. Most Springer dogs have external inhibition. Therefore, when training the dog to "lookup," the traction belt can stimulate the dog when external inhibition occurs. Still, the reward should be timely and sufficient, and the amount of stimulation should be determined according to the degree of excitement of the dog. In addition, the pace of the dog trainer should be coordinated with the speed of the dog. Especially at the beginning of training, people should try to adapt to dogs; In the later training, the dog trainer should adjust the traveling speed and combine the speed with speed to make the dog adapt to the dog trainer.

The average Springer Spaniel can jump and has a certain bouncing ability. Using this feature, the dog's password-conditioned reflex can be established first, and then with the help of the trainer, the dog can learn to jump human or dog obstacles. At the initial stage of training, the difficulty can be reduced first. The dog can jump on lower solid objects, such as board obstacles, gradually increase the height, and then turn the solid objects into empty objects, such as jumping bars. After the dog has established a firm "jump" reflex, it can be trained to jump, circle, hug, etc.

Common dog training methods

Sports dog group / Weimar dog

Many dog owners have encountered the problem that it is difficult to regain control of the dog's leash once released. After finally bringing the leash to the dog, the owner will often scold it severely. If you do so, you will make a big mistake in training. Because the dog's understanding is different from yours, it thinks that you scold it because of the punishment it has just done - running to its master, not what you want - for running around, which is just the opposite of what you expect. The next time you call him back, the dog will hesitate because, in his memory, the result of running back is scolded by his master. Therefore, please try your best to control your emotions. Before starting the cordless exercise, the above training should be repeated continuously. At the same time, the length of the rope and the training location should be changed continuously until the dog can accurately execute your commands with the rope. Care more about your dog, and they will repay you in a better way.

Sports dog group / British Cocker

The English cocker spaniel training is very important and should not be allowed to develop naturally. Otherwise, it is easy to develop willful and stubborn bad habits. At the beginning of training, Cocker will be slow or refuse training. Don't beat the dog for it. If the dog forms a conditioned reflex between training and being beaten, the training of other contents will be affected. If more than one person trains, the dog will react differently and may not listen to the original owner's command, making the training meaningless. In addition, the tone and content of the same person should be consistent, and there should be no words between stop and praise.

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