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Common dog training methods

Sport dog group / Labrador Hound

Labrador hound training should start with puppies, and the first thing puppies have to face is to separate from their mother and siblings. It is difficult for a puppy to adapt to separation. Therefore, puppies less than eight weeks old should not be separated from their relatives. Experts suggest that they should not be separated until at least ten weeks later to not affect the physical and mental development of puppies in the future. The puppy is as naughty and active as a child, but it is smaller than its body shape and more dangerous. Therefore, you should pay more attention to the puppy than a child to avoid breaking into the forbidden area and causing danger. You can set up a fence in front of the forbidden area at home to prevent it from entering it by mistake. The behavior of puppies biting household items should be corrected and trained. Some dog toys can be used to distract its attention and bite, or some bitter dog toys can be used as an aid to correct its habit of biting. Little Labrador should keep a certain distance from the child because the child doesn't know what will cause the dog's uneasiness, such as if the little finger is too close to the dog's eyes or pulling the puppy's tail too hard. Therefore, children under the age of six should keep a distance from immature puppies to avoid being misunderstood and attacked by puppies. It would be best if you also taught your child how to get close to the puppy correctly and avoid the puppy's attack. Teach the child to touch his chin first, never move down from the top of his head to pat his head or stroke his neck, and teach the child not to scream or run away when the puppy chases him. These are the right ways for the child to get along with the puppy.

Common dog training methods

When a Labrador Retriever turns one year old, it should be taken to different places, such as shopping malls and parks, to contact different people and dogs. If a dog is frightened, it should be allowed to sniff and grope around. At the same time, you can take your pet dog to different places, as long as you think it will make it feel fresh. Some pet shops are good places for him to meet friends. Let dogs know the world when they are young, and when they grow up, they will not panic about the strange environment. At the same time, you should let it know that any dangerous and harmful place is not allowed to enter to build its confidence in you. This process of socializing for dogs is very interesting. However, the owner should pay attention that when the dog meets strangers, it should not encourage it with a soothing tone, which will only increase its panic and roar at strangers. Therefore, we should stop it in a stern tone and appreciate its behavior of stopping roaring.

Sport dog group / Golden Retriever

When training golden retrievers, owners can try English password instructions. The characteristic of this password is that it sounds more powerful and short, and the dog is easier to remember. For example, stop "stop," sit down, "sit," don't "no," follow "hill," etc., such passwords are shorter and easier to understand than Chinese passwords. In addition, all family members should have a unified caliber and don't shout all kinds of passwords for the same action, which can be beneficial to the repeated memory of the dog. No training can make your dog remember for a lifetime without repetition. Some pet dogs learn good skills in a training school, but they forget it all soon after returning home. It's not that the school doesn't teach well, but that the owners don't review these training programs with their dogs every day. Therefore, the quality of dog training is directly proportional to parents' diligence. It is very likely to happen in training. If the dog fails to do a certain action or link well, the owners will blindly force it to do it or even beat and scold it. The result is that the dog completely hates this action and doesn't want to do it again in the future. Therefore, breeders should still prioritize guidance, and the same training lasts for 15 minutes.

Whether for people or dogs, don't let training become each other's "nightmare." We should make the whole training process full of happiness. Because for pet dogs, "training" is largely playing games with their owners. Keeping a happy atmosphere at all times is very good for training. In training, owners should not give their dogs a message - "Hey, start training now!" Then focus on one hour or dozens of minutes and leave the remaining 23 hours to the dog's free disposal. We should integrate training into all aspects of life so that the dog can understand that it is not only in that hour to be obedient, but the rest of the time doesn't matter. For example, when we take them out, we convey the instruction of "sit down" and let them obediently watch the scene of people coming and going in the street; For example, we instruct "waiting" before feeding and the instruction of "lying down" when our dog goes to bed. These are all training.

Sports dog group / American Cocker Spaniel

When a group of pet dogs plays, you will find that they like to bite each other, just as your dog sometimes bites your hand. Biting is a common behavior of dogs, especially puppies. They promote the growth of the jawbone through biting, but when the dog is ecstatic, it may hurt you, so you need to teach the dog to improve the biting habit properly. The training method is very simple, as long as every time it bites you, "ah!" A scream, make it aware of your pain, and shrink its hand simultaneously. Repeat this action and adjust the weight of the sound line according to the strength of its bite. After many training times, the pet dog will no longer bite you vigorously. Another way is to put some dog food in your hand, call it in a sweet voice, and then pull it. Then put the dog food in your hand and call "no" in the same voice. Reward it with dog food when it stops for three to five seconds and doesn't touch your hand again. Repeat this training for five minutes during feeding every day to let it learn to be obedient. Pet dogs want to be noticed by you, so they will do whatever is positive or negative, and the purpose is to attract your attention. So when it does something wrong, it is blamed by you, and when it does the right thing, it is not appreciated by you, which will only aggravate its wrongdoing. It is very important to praise the dog's behavior correctly. Praise is necessary, and blame can be ignored. Then the correct behavior can be strengthened because it knows what to do to get your attention.

Common dog training methods

Sports dog group / Irish cheddar

The Irish cheetah is a late formed breed that takes more time to train than other breeds, but it is not stubborn enough to be uncontrollable in the jungle. As an Irish Cheddar hunting in the wild, they lack sufficient independence due to their loyalty to their owners. They will rely too much on their trainers for the tasks they will face. Because of this, some people unfairly evaluate their slow learning. For the Irish XueDa, its training doesn't need to be in a hurry. If you want to train it as a bird hound, you don't have to teach it the process of crouching and hunting every time. Coupled with a good memory, such a smart dog can spend more time training slowly. Therefore, when you have a good Irish snow dog, you will have it for many years, and at the same time, every day, you can be proud of its appearance, character, and excellent training results.

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