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Advice for feeding your dog properly

A dog is extremely dependent on its owner, and it is our responsibility to meet its needs by preparing its food and building its shelter. Although a dog living in a human family is well clothed and fed, it is difficult to have a healthy body if it has a single variety of diets or incomplete nutrition. As we strive to improve the quality of life, we should master the science of feeding our own pets in a way that makes them very good dogs.

What to feed your dog?

Dogs live by hunting small animals in the wild, but after living with humans, their recipes become much richer, but they should still be mainly meat. For the dog, there are six essential nutrients that must be in the food: protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water. Among them, protein is the main nutrient it needs for its life activities, and its body will grow slowly and be weak and sickly if it lacks protein. Meat is the most ideal food to provide protein, if the economic burden of feeding dogs with pork, beef, and lamb is too great, you can use the offal of animals or slaughterhouse scraps, such as liver, lungs, minced meat, etc., can fully satisfy the appetite of dogs, and fish is not just the patent food for cats. Try not to feed your dog raw meat to prevent parasitic and infectious diseases, but occasionally feeding your dog with the offal of herbivorous animals can increase its appetite, and it can be given raw without washing so that the grass and cereals in the digestive organs are absorbed together.

What to feed your dog

No matter what kind of food you feed your dog, it should be free to drink water every day, life activities can not be separated from the water. The dog's body does not have the function of storing water, lack of water will make it die quickly. Water also has the role of regulating body temperature, so the summer should increase the amount of water. Drinking water before meals will affect the dog's appetite; drinking water after meals can clean the food left in the teeth and is conducive to the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Some people feed their dogs with cat food, which is somewhat wasteful, because cat food contains high protein and fat, while dog food contains a lot of carbohydrates, is prepared with the cheapest potatoes, oats, corn, etc., or feed dogs with dog food affordable.

How to make dog food?

Nutritionally speaking, the food fed to dogs should not be cooked very badly, and rice does not need to go through multiple washing, so as not to lose a lot of vitamins. However, when making cereal-based food, it should not be burnt to a paste or caught raw, otherwise, it will affect the taste of the food, and the rice that is caught raw will easily deteriorate and ferment, and the dog will have indigestion when eating it. Raw meat or animal offal should be washed in cold water and soaked for not too long, so as to lose as little protein as possible.

Then chop it up, cook it, and mix it with the meat and soup, with rice, steamed buns or nests, etc., and add a little salt and vegetables. Dogs have poor digestion of coarse fibers, so give it vegetables that are cut extremely small and cooked quickly, then mixed in with the rice. Food temperature at about 38 degrees Celsius is best, the winter is cold, food should be warmed up, feeding cold food will consume the dog's heat and cause gastrointestinal disease, but also cause the mother dog abortion; but hot food it will also refuse, so the summer food should be fully cooled before feeding. If you make dog food with leftover human food, you should rinse off the excess salt, otherwise too much salt will reduce the dog's appetite, and it does not like spicy and over-seasoned dishes.

How to arouse the dog's appetite?

To feed the dog to do regular, quantitative, so that it to mealtime everyday appetite; quantitative is the daily feeding amount does not vary too much, the food bowl bigger, food put less, eat a little add a little so that the dog lick the bowl lick to not be finished.

The dog's sense of taste is dull, it is relying on smell to "taste" the taste of food. When it smells like the food is not fresh or odor, it will refuse to eat; or when the food contains chemical seasonings, pepper flavor, and other irritating odors, it will be very sensitive; especially sweet or salty food will also affect its appetite. Therefore, when preparing the dog's food, pay special attention to the conditioning of food odors. For a dog with a poor appetite, you should not reduce the amount of food it eats just because it does not like it, but you should increase the number of times it is fed to ensure the daily nutrition it needs. When a dog has a loss of appetite or is sick, feeding some raw beef will have a surprising effect. If the dog ignores its food anyway, then starve it for a day, don't be afraid to starve it, but drink enough water, this method only applies to large adult dogs.

How to prepare food for puppies?

After weaning the puppy until the adult period, is the most appetizing period in its life, the amount of meat food should be more than the adult dog, this is the key to raising a good dog.

Dog food contains a variety of nutrients it needs, including protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals, and other essential ingredients, is balanced nutritional dog food, if mixed with meat to feed both convenient for the owner, but also to ensure adequate protein. But for large dog puppies just feeding it supermarket-bought dog food is not enough, should also add some steamed buns, rice, and other staple foods and meat. This time the amount of fine meat must be more, because the nutritional value of rice is very low, and can not meet the needs of the pup's growth and development. The high protein contained in fresh fish can also meet the nutritional needs of puppies. Boil the fish slightly with water, pour off the soup, and carefully pick out all the small and large fish spines, because dogs do not pick out fish spines as cats do. The chicken head is the best food for puppies, boil the raw chicken head and pluck the beak; you can also feed the raw chicken head to large dog puppies, because the raw meat helps digestion and absorption, and can also make the weak and sickly dog quickly recover their strength.

How to prepare food for puppies

When the puppy grows to 5 months old, its food composition should be adjusted appropriately according to its growth and development. When it is too obese, it should reduce carbohydrate and fatty foods, increase protein and vegetable content accordingly, and increase exercise; if the puppy is too thin, it should increase carbohydrate, fat, and protein foods, such as flour, rice, and meat. Give the puppy some glucose water every day to replenish its strength. The amount should be one to two tablespoons of glucose powder mixed with some distilled water, too much will damage the teeth. If your puppy vomits or has severe diarrhea, you can also give him some glucose water to help him regain strength quickly.

What foods should not be fed to dogs?

Some people like to share delicious food with their dogs, in fact, many people usually eat food that is not suitable for dogs to eat. For example, if a dog eats chocolate, it may be poisoned due to its inability to excrete. It will get extremely excited, jump up and down, and eventually die from heart failure. Ice cream, cake, and other sweet food are not necessary to give the dog, it will lead to obesity or diarrhea. Onions and scallions can also cause poisoning and hematuria in dogs, and even if the onions are fried, the harmful substances inside will not be broken down. Rice cakes and nori may stick to the dog's throat and cause choking. The meat of octopus and shellfish is a difficult food for dogs to digest, and fish with too much fat such as sardines and scallops can cause eczema and hair loss if it eats too much. Peanut rice can not be digested and absorbed by the dog, even if the puppy ate peanut rice, it is the same as eating a small stone, and become a foreign body in the gastrointestinal tract, finally causing bloody stools. Although the dog's intestines have the amazing digestive capacity for bones, sharp chicken bones and fish bones are easy get stuck in its teeth or lacerate the intestines.

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