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A guide to getting along with your dog

For dogs, all activities with their owners are a source of joy and happiness. Games such as Frisbee, tug of war, and accompanying their owners on walks and car trips are also great fun for most dogs.

How do I play with my dog?

Many people interpret playing games with dogs as teasing them, but in fact, dogs take each game very seriously, carefully picking out the one they like from a pile of toys and giving it to their owners, then starting the game with them. Articulation game is you throw out a toy or Frisbee, the dog chase over, articulate back to you. The catching game is the dog's favorite form of entertainment where he has fun barking and shaking a toy or one of his owner's socks at the same time! Tug of war is a game where you tug on one end of the rope and the dog holds the other end of the rope in its mouth to compete with you, if you let go of the rope, then the dog wins. If the dog is very controlling, you have to win all the games; if the dog is too submissive, or a little wimpy, let him win a few times so he becomes confident!

play with my dog

When playing with a dog, you must also always pay attention to its mood changes, it is likely to be too excited, then take away the toy and wait for it to calm down a little before continuing. Children playing with the dog do not shout, that will make them excited to forget. When playing, it often behaves very hard, so when you want to take something from the dog's mouth, be sure to pay attention to its teeth, it may inadvertently leave marks or wounds on your hands, you can try to exchange food with it in the mouth.

What time and place should I choose to take my dog for a walk?

Take your dog out for a walk early in the morning before people leave the house. This is a good time for a puppy to go out for the first time, so he won't be frightened by the crowds outside and run away. If he behaves well, try to untie his leash, and when he runs away, you can order him to "come back" in an unhurried tone of voice, not shouting after him, which will only scare him away. You can also throw a small stone at him to remind him. In the beginning, the walking time should not be too long, about ten minutes is good, and then gradually increase. In the hot season, you should choose to take your dog for a walk in the morning and evening to avoid heatstroke. After each feeding to the dog, you can let it move a little and take it out for a walk for a while to help digestion and absorption. Dogs that are often kept at home, moreover, should take time to take a walk outside every day, which is good for cultivating a good mood and avoiding it developing bad habits due to irritability.

Dogs with walking habits, regardless of the wind and rain can not stop, because it has taken walks is an essential program of the day. Some owners are willing to take their dog with them everywhere they go but try not to take it with them when they go to the store to buy something, because most stores prohibit pets.

How to adopt a dog to car travel?

Most dogs like to travel by car and like to be with their owners and their families. Familiarize your dog with cars from the time it is young, put it in a parked car, praise and encourage it if it behaves well, and feed it in the car to make it enjoy the car ride more. Prepare for the car: open the door, order the dog to "get in", and reward it if it behaves well. Large dogs must sit in the back of the car, it is best to put it in a wire mesh box that can be stuck in the back seat of the car to prevent the dog from being shaken down and injured. When the car is exercised, some dogs seem too excited, you can use a leash to tie it to the door handle, and the rope should not be too short so that the dog can still turn around or lie down in the car.

adopt a dog to car travel

Almost all dogs will drool or vomit due to motion sickness, no need to panic, no need to give it medicine first, it will quickly adapt. If the dog shows signs of motion sickness and the owner tries to accommodate him, this will make him feel that the owner is encouraging him and he will continue to react to the motion sickness. You can give him some water on the way and try not to eat; if it's a long trip, you can give him some cooked eggs in the middle, which will save him the trouble of defecating.

Training to get out of the car: let the dog "wait" when opening the door, and immediately after getting out of the car, order it to "sit", which can help the dog to calm down a little, so as not to run to the road, which is very dangerous.

What should I pay attention to when traveling with my dog in the car?

Do not feed your dog before you travel, bring a large plastic water bottle with water, stop the car every two or three hours, let it drink some water, and do exercise, convenient and convenient.

You also have to prepare some ice or cold water to take your dog out in the car in summer, because dogs are more afraid of heat than people, and excitement and fear can increase body temperature. When it is too hot to stand, put a towel soaked in cold water draped over the dog; if the car has air conditioning will be saved, the air conditioning must be turned up, the cooler the car, the quieter the dog, and the less likely to get carsick; never leave the dog alone in a parked car, because in the sun, the car will become an oven in a few minutes, the dog will die of heat; even in the shade, make sure there is enough fresh air in the car before you can let it stay inside. Dogs also like to stick their heads out of the car window and be careful not to drop them out when braking. Then there is driving with a dog must be concentrated, do not be distracted by the dog's teasing.

Take the dog to swim

Dogs have the instinct to swim, but without training, it is often not used to going into the water.
Lead your dog to a shallow river or waterfront, take it for a walk along the water's edge, and then throw a stick or ball to tease it into the water. If the dog has the intention of going into the water, you will encourage it, while leading the way down and let it take the ball to the shore, and then give rewards; if it shows timidity afraid to go into the water, you will sprinkle water on it, while holding it into the water. Try not to use the leash to drag the dog into the water, if it refuses to go into the water anyway, it may be the current is too fast. When the water is deep enough to make the dog float up, the owner should immediately issue the command "swim", then it may panic to flutter, you will use your left hand to hold its abdomen, and the right hand to help it swim up under the neck, the dog's instincts will soon come into play. Later gradually increase the distance of swimming, order the dog to take the floating objects on the water surface, or swim to the opposite shore. If the dog has a drowning accident, immediately drag it to the shore, grab the two hind legs, and head down so that the water can flow from the mouth and nostrils. Then kneel next to the dog and press its chest with your hands, and do artificial respiration if necessary.

Take the dog to swim

The following points should be noted for swimming training.

(1) Do not throw the dog into the water to force it to swim, and do not take it to swim in rapids or waters with a lot of water and grass to avoid accidents.
(2) After each swim, use a towel to help it dry its fur, and then let it run for a while to make the body warm-up. Only dogs with good physical function can participate in swimming training.

A good dog is a great companion. You need to be honest, calm, and assertive to get along with your dog. A dog is not just an animal, it is the most faithful friend you can ever find on earth.

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